Family Guide for New Freshmen Enrollment

At Queensborough, the college experience is a partnership among our students, faculty, staff and YOU – the family members of our students. We share the same goal – to ensure the success of our new students from the point of admission through graduation.

The Queensborough Academies

Our approach is unique, intentional and personal. All students, based on their intended program of study, are assigned to one of our five Queensborouh Academies:

Clustered around related programs of study, each Academy offers special classes and learning opportunities, as well as a range of extracurricular and support activities. Every new freshman is assigned a Academy Adviser, affiliated with the appropriate academy, who guides new students through the registration process and their first two semesters of college.

Next Steps: From Admission to Registration

CUNY Assessment Test

Academic Advisement and Registration for Fall 2013

Incoming Freshmen will be given an appointment to meet with their Academy Adviser after they have taken the CUNY Assessment Test. New freshmen advisement will run from mid-May through June.

Before advisement and registration, new students must take the following actions:

The CUNY Assessment Test

ALL incoming freshmen are required to take one or more parts of the CUNY Assessment test. New students receive notification from CUNY (University Application Processing Center) as to which test(s) they need to take.

The results of these tests become the foundation for the advisement and registration session. Some students may not meet established cut-off scores and will be registered into remedial class work. These classes are specifically intended to build up skills in the necessary areas of reading, writing and/or mathematics.


How to Prepare for the CUNY Assessment Test?

Take advantage of an online Math Tutorial! Scan the attached symbol, invest some time, and your new college student may be able to save time and money!

Math QR

Attend College 101

  • This is a required orientation for all incoming Freshman who have completed the CUNY Assessment Test(s).

What happens at College 101?

  • Learn about The Queensborough Academies, and other programs.
  • Review your results on the CUNY Assessment Test.
  • Find out if you are eligible for a free summer course.
  • Meet with a Financial Aid counselor.
  • Submit your immunization forms (if not yet done) to a Health Services representative.
  • Claim you "Tiger Tech Tools" and college accounts.
  • Receive a date for your advisement and registration in May or June.

The $100 Commitment Deposit

  • This payment, required of all incoming students, is applied to your tuition charges and is It guarantees your place in our new class and gives you an earlier date for advisement and registration.

New York State Health Requirements for Registration

  • New York State requires submission of immunization documentation for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), and a meningitis response form before a new student may be registered for any college class.

Paying For College

  • ALL entering students are strongly encouraged to apply for financial aid. Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) using your 2012 income information. Apply by early December. Late applications can be submitted but families must be ready to pay tuition charges should application processing not be completed and/or the aid award not cover any or all of the charges due.

The Tuition Payment Plan

  • Consider staggering tuition payments over several months through this tuition payment plan.

When and How to Pay the Tuition Bill

  • Queensborough Community College requires payment of your tuition and fees bill in order to be officially registered.

Required Freshman Orientations

Freshman OrientationStudent success is our goal. Through the Queensborough Academies, two separate freshman orientation and information programs are conducted after freshmen registration but before the first day of class.

Freshman First: This event is scheduled for Monday, August 26 for incoming Fall 2013 freshmen. Save the Date! Meet with faculty, students, freshmen advisers, and the many resources available at Queensborough. New students receive their college ID card – required for entrance to the Library and many college facilities.

ST100 Class: All new freshmen who are attending Queensborough as full-time students are required to take this non-credit orientation course. New freshmen are registered for this class by their freshman adviser.

Connection and Communication



CUNYfirst is the automated information system used to manage the academic lives of our students. Claiming the CUNYfirst account is part of the freshman’s class registration process. CUNYfirst delivers billing, financial aid, course schedules and more to our students.

Tiger Mail

Every student is assigned a free student email which is used as the prime communication vehicle among the students, faculty and college administration. New students officially accepted to the College may claim their TIGERMAIL account now

Special Opportunities for our Freshmen

Special Opportunities

ASAP (Accelerated Studies in Associate Programs)

Designed to help motivated community college students earn their degrees as quickly as possible, this program includes financial incentives such as monthly Metrocards, free tuition for those financial-aid eligible, and free use of text books. Students must be New York City residents.


The CUNY Language Immersion Program (CLIP) offers intensive instruction (25 hours per week) in the English language to learners of English as a second language who scored low on the CUNY Assessment test. The program focuses on increasing student proficiency in English as a prelude to college attendance.

College Discovery

This program was established to provide access to higher education to students who are educationally and financially disadvantaged. A range of services and enhanced financial support which includes a $350 stipend each semester are offered to help students achieve their academic goals. Students must indicate CD on their application for admission to the college.


Students come to college with a range of academic preparedness. This intensive program provides instruction in academic reading, writing and math for college bound students who did not pass the three CUNY Assessment tests

Honors Program (p. 24 of catalog)

Motivated students with a proven record of strong academic achievement may participate in the College’s Honors Program, a combination of honors classes with other opportunities including internships, research projects, independent study and more.


A range of scholarships are available to students who have excelled academically and through extracurricular activities. Some scholarships are specifically geared to incoming freshmen.

Services for Students with Disabilities

This office provides the support and accommodations that can facilitate student success, and acts as a liaison to faculty and the college community regarding disability issues.

Single Stop

This non-profit organization offers benefits and services that help students stay in college and graduate. Students receive free financial counseling, benefit screening, tax preparation and more.

Tutoring and Academic Support Services

Tutoring and academic support, offered at no additional charge, is offered to our students in every subject area.

University Summer Immersion Program (USIP): A Jump Start to College

Incoming freshmen who need remedial class work may participate in this six week summer program. USIP is funded by The City University of New York and available to students at no cost. Interested students may contact their Freshman Adviser for more information. New freshmen gain increased college readiness AND do not use any financial aid eligibility for this program.

Veterans’ Services

Students who are or have been engaged in active duty in the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard or National Guard are encouraged to take advantage of the assistance offered by this office.

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Financial Services

Applying as a …

Special Programs


Application Deadlines