Professor Robert M. Kueper

Robert Kueper


  • Assistant Professor of Engineering Technology, Queensborough Community College of the City of New York
  • Engineering Technology Web Master

Best Known For-

  • Caring for his students
  • Providing one to one mentoring
  • Explaining what jobs are available in industry


  • When you're in the swamp and you're covered with mud and water up to your waist and the alligators are moving in, it's hard to remember that the initial objective is to drain the swamp! Keep focused!!!


  • Bachelor of Professional Studies degree in Electrical Engineering Technology 6/89: Empire State College
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology 6/83: Queensborough Community College


  • Has worked in the technology industry for twenty years in the financial area of downtown Manhattan. Has served the U.S Army Reserve for 28 years