Mission and Objectives


The mission of the Engineering Technology Program at Queensborough Community College is to develop technically competent and professional graduates for successful careers within the profession.  A successful career within the Engineering Technology field also recognizes the importance of lifelonWelcome to Engineering Technologyg learning and therefore the program also aims to prepare its graduates for the possibility of pursuing further educational opportunities in engineering technology or related fields.   The task of the Department of Engineering Technology is to educate students to meet increasingly complex technical and socio-economic challenges. Our students of today represent a diverse cross section of the population and will be among tomorrow's leaders.  To achieve success in fulfilling these objectives the program must be dedicated to continuous improvement of the equipment, software, and educational delivery systems.  This mission is succinctly stated in the following Engineering Technology Educational Objectives:

Engineering Technology Educational Objectives

  • Career Preparation and Advancement – Graduates will demonstrate mastery of the knowledge and skills needed for entry into or advancement in an engineering technology field of study.
  • Engineering Competence - Graduates will be competent technicians with problem solving and design skills, and have the ability to apply mathematics and science to solve engineering technology problems.
  • Professional Skills - Graduates will have strong communication skills, and the ability to work successfully in teams.
  • College Transfer - Graduates will meet the requirements for transfer into the junior year of a baccalaureate program in engineering technology
Well-rounded education - Graduates will have a respect for diversity and knowledge of contemporary professional, societal, ethical, and global issues and will recognize the need to engage in life-long learning