CNC Career Opportunities

Educational training programs available at QCC

  • To prepare you for your CNC career
  • To enhance your skills in your current career
  • To provide job retraining
  • To learn the latest manufacturing technology

Click on the educational requirements that matches the career opportunity you want to pursue.

CNC Manager or Supervisor
  • Oversee CNC operations
  • CNC Personnel hiring, training & job assignment
  • Coordination with other departments
  • Evaluate and acquire new CNC machine tools and CAD/CAM software
  • Management skills
  • Machining knowledge
  • CNC machining & programming background
  • 5-10 years of manufacturing experience
Process Planner
  • Determine what machining processes to be used, with what sequence and in what machines
  • Select cutting tools and workholders and fixtures
  • Prepare operation sheets and tooling sheets
  • Overall knowledge of machining, tooling, and capability of available equipment
  • Good background in manufacturing and CNC
Tool Designer
  • Select standard tooling
  • Design special-purpose tooling
  • Good command at locating and clamping knowledge
  • Knowledge of tool making
  • Understanding of standard tooling and fixturing
  • CAD drawing
Tool Maker
  • Assemble and preset standard tooling
  • Make special-purpose tooling
  • Repair damaged tooling items
  • Highly skilled in machining
  • Knowledge in CNC
  • Reading prints and CAD drawings
  • Tooling apprenticeship
CNC Setup Person
  • Set up fixtures and cutters on the CNC machine tools
  • Coordinate the CNC machine tools
  • Determine and enter offset and compensation values
  • Correct errors in tooling and program Dry run the program
  • Good knowledge of machining and tooling
  • Understanding of part program and CNC machine tool functions
CNC Operator
  • Load and unload workpieces
  • Monitor machining in progress
  • Finished part inspection
  • General knowledge of machining