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NEXT STEP program - a corporate specific program in telecommunications technology for Verizon employees. Queensborough is one of a dozen community colleges in New York State and over a half-dozen colleges in New England providing Verizon employees with one day a week of class in an AAS degree program. Students will take two courses a semester for 8 semesters, completing 60 credits in liberal arts and science, technology fundamentals, and telecommunications.

Telecommunications Technology: VERIZON – A.A.S. Degree Program


EN-101, 102 English Composition I, II – 6
MA-114 College Algebra and Trigonometry for Technical Students – 4
MA-127 Technical Mathematics II: Verizon – 4
PH-201§ General Physics I - 4
SS-250 Labor and Management - 3
Sub-total 21


ET-125 Electrical Circuits - 4
ET-270 Introduction to Electronics - 4
ET-275 Electronic Communications - 4
ET-531 PC Essentials I - 4
ET-532§ PC Essentials II - 4
Sub-total 20

ET-508 Computer Applications for Telecommunications. – 3
ET-741§ Telecommunications Technology I - 4
ET-742 Telecommunications Technology II - 4
ET-743 Telecommunications Technology III - 4
ET-744 Telecommunications Technology IV - 4
Sub-total 19

Total Credits Required for the

A.A.S. Degree in Telecommunications

Technology: Verizon  60

§ Sections of this course denoted as “WI” may be taken to partially satisfy the Writing Intensive Requirement.

Note: ET- 210, 210 Electronics I, II and ET 230, 231 Telecommunications I, II, and ET-704, 705 Networking

Fundamentals I, II (all courses are 4 credits each) have been replaced by ET 270, 275, 741, 742, 743, and 744. On June 10, 2009, the Next Step consortium of 26 colleges approved changes in the two

Electronics courses and a number of revisions to the course outlines of the four courses in the Telecommunications sequence. Thus, four new courses have been created.

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