Technology Academy: Leaders in Technology Instructions for the 21 Century

Technology Academy

The Technology Learning Academy is a program that has been implemented at Queensborough Community College for the purpose of increasing student retention and improving graduation rates. It provides a comprehensive program of activities which are designed to establish an environment for student success. The Technology Learning Academy is aimed at providing a special identity for students, grouped by one of eight academic programs. Components of the Technology Learning Academy include specialized blocked and linked courses, targeted advisement, peer and faculty tutoring, monthly speakers and events, projects, field trips, and a close interaction among individual students, groups of students, faculty and staff. These components help to develop camaraderie and friendship among both students and faculty. The purpose is to provide our students with the best educational experience possible and to move them through to the achievement of their educational goals, especially graduation, in a timely fashion.

The eight different programs of study are:

  1. Computer Engineering Technology

  2. Electronic Engineering Technology

  3. Telecommunications Technology

  4. New Media Technology

  5. Engineering Science

  6. Laser and Fiber Optics Engineering Technology

  7. Mechanical Engineering Technology

  8. Computerized Architectural and Industrial Design

What can you do with a Degree in Technology?

With the Associate degree you are ready to enter the workforce as a member of a team of engineers, programmers, testers, designers, technologists or other technical title.

You also have the option to transfer into a four year bachelor of engineering technology (BET) program.