Literature Courses

When you take a literature course, you are joining a diverse community of readers and writers.  Your professors are excited about the poems, stories, novels, and plays that they teach, and they value the perspectives that students bring to the texts from their own experiences and knowledge.

Literature Courses - Students Reading

The English department offers a variety of literature courses.  Survey courses offer an interesting way to approach historical, national, and cultural trends: in American Literature to 1870, for example, you will not only read works written by such writers as Mark Twain and Phyllis Wheatley,  but you will also learn about early American history and culture. Genre courses, focusing on one literary form such as poetry or prose fiction, are a way to consider literature from different places and times. Courses in film and special topics such as “The Literature of Madness and the Irrational” are also offered for students who like to explore other, unique approaches to literature.

For a detailed description of the English department’s literature courses, refer to the College catalog. After consulting the list of courses offered, feel free to stop by the English Department to discuss the particulars of a course with faculty members. We are eager to describe the courses we are planning. For a listing of the new course IDs, click here.