College Laboratory Technician - Engineering Technology

Job ID: 9098

Contract Title: College Laboratory Technician - Engineering Technology

Location: Queensborough Community College

Department: Engineering Technology

Category: Managerial and Professional

Issue Date: September 19 2013

Closing Date: October 19 2013

Job Type: Full TimeRegular

FLSA: Non-exempt

General Duties:

Performs highly-skilled laboratory functions and other technical duties in support of coursework. 

 - Sets up, maintains, and organizes student laboratories

 - Assists students with setting up experiments and other learning exercises, and with the use of  equipment and materials

 - Maintains appropriate safety and hygiene standards

 - Maintains required documentation related to laboratory activities

 - Manages equipment and materials inventories. 

Campus Specific Information:

 Duties include maintenance and support of the Engineering Technology Department's electronic and computer laboratories:  preparation of supplies, equipment, and computers which are used for weekly student laboratory exercises; assisting in the maintenance and administration of department network computer servers; designing and fabrication of custom laboratory experimental equipment and apparatus to determine suitability for current and future lab experiments; construction and fabrication of electric and electronic circuits and prototypes for the laboratory; preparation of purchase specifications for electronics laboratory instrumentation and equipment; repair, diagnosis, and modification of laboratory instrumentation equipment to the module, board and component level; and requisitioning and adequately stocking of supplies and laboratory consumables. The CLT works with evening adjunct CLTs, student aides, and student interns for the maintenance and distribution of laboratory supplies and equipment, and the assembly of student kits and components. Furthermore, the CLT is responsible for the programming and operation of the Engineering Technology Department Computer Numerical Control milling machines which are used for printed circuit board manufacture. This includes the maintenance and operation of CAD/CAM software packages necessary to operate the milling machinery which are used by faculty and students to design and manufacture printed circuit boards.  

Minimum Qualifications:
High School Diploma with a minimum of four years' related experience.  Additional education may be used to meet the experience requirement: an Associate degree may be substituted for two years experience, and a Bachelor's degree may be substituted for four years experience.

Other Qualifications:

 Preferred qualifications include:

- Experience in the maintenance and support of electronic and/or computer equipment, local area networks, and computer software; familiar with mechanical equipment

- Excellent knowledge of electric and electronic circuits and equipment

- Good interpersonal and communications skills as well as organizational and logistical skills  


 Commensurate with experience and qualifications.  


 CUNY offers a comprehensive benefits package to employees and eligible dependents based on job title and classification. Employees are also offered pension and Tax-Deferred Savings Plans.  Part-time employees must meet a weekly or semester work hour criteria to be eligible for health benefits. Health benefits are also extended to retirees who meet the eligibility criteria. 


How To Apply:

 Visit, access the employment page, log in or create a new user account, and search for this vacancy using the Job ID or Title.  Select "Apply Now" and provide the requested information. 

 Candidates should provide a resume and cover letter.  

To Apply:

Equal Employment Opportunity:
We are committed to enhancing our diverse academic community by actively encouraging people with disabilities, minorities, veterans, and women to apply. We take pride in our pluralistic community and continue to seek excellence through diversity and inclusion. EO/AA Employer.

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