QCC's Diversity Committee Members

College Advisory Committee for 504/ADA Compliance
Ms. Mavis Hall Chief Diversity Officer
Mr. Ben Freier Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities
Ms. Ysabel Macea Personnel Department
Ms. Sangeeta Noel Human Resources & Labor Relations
Dr. Elizabeth Bartels  Academic Senate Committee on Environment
Dr. Matthew Lau Academic Senate Committee on Environment
Dr. Margot Edlin Office of Academic Affairs
Ms. Jo Ann Rollo DC 37 
Mr. Mel Rodriguez Environmental Health & Safety Officer
Mr. Joseph Cartolano Facilities Office
Ms. Isael Hocevar College Nurse
Dr. Young Kim

Chair, Department of Health, Physical Education & Dance

Faculty Diversity Strategic Plan Advisory Committee
Dr. Kimberly Banks English Department
Dr. Brian Kerr Academic Affairs
Professor Robert Kueper Engineering Technology Department
Dean Liza Larios Human Resources and Labor Relations
Dr. Joanne Chang Music Department
Dr. Wilma Fletcher-Anthony Counseling
Dr. Meg Tarafdar CETL
Dr.  Amy Traver Social Sciences Department
Dr. Julani Warsi Basic Educational Skills