Joana Fletcher - CSTEP Student Profile

Name: Joana Fletcher

Major: BS in Nursing

Accomplishments: A member of CSTEP, and was part of the team which attended the Science and Technology Annual Conference held in Syracuse. Received an Academic award and transferred from Queensborough Community College to American International College in Springfield Massachusetts.

Thoughts about CSTEP: The program helped me discover my strengths and confidence to face challenges I thought otherwise as blockades in my life. The coordinators of of the program are extraordinary individuals who are truly dedicated and passionate about helping students excel to their best potentials in life. What I loved about the program was that despite the diverse cultural differences, members such as me always felt welcomed. Additional, I always received the needed resources and assistance to excel academically. Thank you CSTEP. Thank you for helping me hold on to my dreams and for making those dreams come true.
I have passed my RN exam and now a licensed nurse. Thanks you for all your support, I would not have been here without it

Joana Fletcher