Luis Hernandez- CSTEP Student Profile

Name: Luis Hernandez

Major: Liberal Arts and Science

QCC Graduation Date:  January 2013

Significant Academic Accomplishments:

-Deans List.  I am currently doing an internship at the Holocaust center on campus and research with the Physics Dept.  I am also in a 3 year internship at Columbia Medical Center/Mount Sinai

Goals & Interests: 

I intend on becoming a Physian in the long run.  This means that now that I am graduating from Qcc, I dont have a long road ahead for my career.  I want to be a well rounded student whem I transfer.  I dream of more knowledge in the sciences.  I am also considering doing some tutoring.  Overall my goals are getting good grades and continue being active on campus to take advantage of all the opportunities that are out there.

Personal Statement on CSTEP:  

It has been a great experience for me since the first day as a CSTEP student.  Being a part of the CSTEP program has helped me network with people who take school seriously but know how to have a good time.  I honestly believe that the CSTEP program has helped me tremendously with the internship I have obtained .  I have also met people who I will still see after I graduate because of CSTEP. It’s like a big family.