Ashley Moise- CSTEP Student Profile

Name: Ashley Moise

Major: Nursing

QCC Graduation Date:  2015

Significant Academic Accomplishments:
I have participated in many things in the CSTEP program.  Such as the Holocaust internship, Hall of Science volunteering and I also received acheivement awards.

Goals & Interests:
After I graduate from QCC, I plan to attend a 4 year college and continue my studies in the medical field.  I want to pursue a career in pediatric nursing. I plan to one day earn a bachelor’s degree in the medical field.

Personal Statement on CSTEP:  My experience in the CSTEP program has been phenomenal.  This program has really helped me stay focused in school.  They have helped me improved my resume.  They provided a lot of workshops that can help us in many different situations.  I’m really happy that I joined this program.