Andrew Garcia - CSTEP Student Profile

Name: Andrew Garcia

Major: Liberal Arts and Science

QCC Graduation Date: Spring 2014

What would you like students to know about the CSTEP Program?:  The main thing I'd like students to know about CSTEP is as long as students are goal oriented in fields of mathematics and science CSTEP will not only provide the blue print for their ambitions but they will also give students the motivation to attain success.

Thoughts about CSTEP:   I joined CSTEP about two weeks ago and since the day I was first accepted into the program my perception of academia and education have broadened to a new and enlightened level of understanding. Not only have I had superb advisement by the astute employees that help me plot out my future, I've also developed a friendship with my adviser's which allows for unparalleled deliberation of my career path. CSTEP has opened boundless future opportunities which will allow me to excel in every scientifically oriented career path I may choose to pursue. I was an ill informed freshmen but with the help of CSTEP I have been able to climb the ladder of knowledge to take the right career choices. CSTEP also has had an unimaginably positive effect on my self esteem.  Update: CSTEP has been a wonderful experience with many helping hands. Also, it has allowed me to expeirence new events and meet new people.

What are your plans after graduating from Queensborough?:
My plans after graduating from Queensborough is to go to a four year academic institution. The colleges which I plan to go to are either Stony brook University or Hunter college. Even though both institutions have there pros and cons going to either one is not only an option but a delightful goal. I intend to study Biology. After graduating with my Bachelors degree I will apply to medical school if I don't get accepted I'll continue my education with the goal of obtaining a PHD in Evolutionary Biology. While I continue to study I will continue to apply to medical school.

What are your Academic Goals after you Graduate from QCC?
Becoming a Doctor

Personal Highlights in Academic Career:
Reserach with Dr. Lall and Dr. Franco and going to many conference.