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2016 Spring Catalog

Spring 2016

2016 Summer Catalog


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Registration Information

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I know when I'm registered?

Confirmations are mailed out following payment for class registration. Double check this information to insure correct class registration, dates, times, policies, rooms.

If you have NOT received either official confirmation of payment OR communication that your class request was closed out/cancelled, please contact our office staff to clarify registration and obtain your room assignment.

Refunds will NOT be processed for missed classes based on failure to receive mailed confirmations. What happens if I’m closed out of a course or if the course is cancelled or details are changed?

The Office makes every attempt possible to notify you in either case; confirm your current telephone number(s) at registration.

You will receive a full refund for courses cancelled by the College.

The College reserves the right to cancel any course, to make changes in fees or substitutions in faculty, to change days/hours when necessary. Every effort is made to provide corrected information as soon as possible should the bulletin or other printed materials containing course information be modified.

How do I find my class?

Registration confirmations contain room assignments for most classes. Use the map printed on the reverse side of the confirmation to identify campus buildings.

If a room assignment is not shown on your confirmation, please call the office (718-631-6343) at least one day prior to scheduled class start.

All room assignment or other changes made just prior to class are posted on the door of the Continuing Education Office, Library Building Room 118P.

If further clarification is needed, check with the Office in L-118P (see office hours on inside back cover of catalog.)

Can I park on campus?


PARKING UPDATES: Effective January 2013, parking tokens will no longer be accepted on campus. You will be required to obtain a QCC One Card (available in the CE Office) if you wish to park on campus. Funds called Tiger Dollars can be added to this card and used for Parking, Copying and Food purchases. Monies can be added to the card at machines located in the Administration Building -First Floor & the Library-Second Floor next to copy machines, as well as $25 minimum purchase via QCC Website OR iPhone browser/app "Blackboard Transact eAccounts".

Lot Openings —
Lot 1
: Mon–Fri, evening hours Sat. and Sun., days and evenings
Lot 2 & 6
: Mon–Fri, all day and evenings Sat. and Sun., days and evenings


An income tax deduction may be allowed for expenses of education undertaken to maintain current professional skills and jobs.


All participants in the Queensborough Continuing Education program must follow the College’s rules & regulations.

Please ask for Annual Security Report.

The College has the right to change schedules, replace instructors and/or cancel classes at its discretion.

Funding Opportunities

Many of our training opportunities and skill enhancement offerings may qualify for vouchers and reimbursement through various sources.

Union Members • Employees and members of local and national unions may be eligible for a partial or full reimbursement of courses. Please contact your union representative for information.

Department of Veteran’s Affairs • Vouchers accepted for certificate training programs. For more information and requirements, please visit

Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID) • Vouchers are accepted for certificate training programs. For more information and requirements, please visit

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) • Qualified unemployed individuals can receive vouchers for career training or to upgrade skills. Please contact the Jamaica Workforce at 718-557 6755 or visit

Sallie Mae

The nation's leading education services institution is now offering student loans for non-credit Continuing Education courses. Please check with other lenders, as well.

To contact Sallie Mae:
Call: (877) 279-7172

Please note:
QCC does not endorse any specific lender

Helena Rubinstein Foundation

Scholarships Available to Continuing Education Students Inquire when Registering The Helena Rubinstein Foundation is offering competitive scholarships to students enrolling in vocational, noncredit programs who have not earned an Associate or Bachelor degree. Applications are available through the Continuing Education Office or through your program coordinator. Please contact the Office of Continuing Education @ 718.631.6343 for scholarship details and application. Due date: January 4th.

Scholarship applicants now also have the option to start their application process via the following link:

Helena Rubinstein Scholarship Application Form


College Opportunity to Prepare for Employment/C.O.P.E. in conjunction with the Human Resources Administration (HRA) provides Queensborough Community College students receiving Public Assistance the support services they need for their college career. C.O.P.E.'s goal is to help students become successful college graduates and find long-term economic self-sufficiency and independence through gainful employment. For academic advisement, career counseling, job placement (full and part-time), resume preparation assistance, interview preparation—including free new and fashionable clothing and accessories (in conjunction with Edith’s Place and Dress for Success) and a variety of other services for those students receiving "P.A." Talk to us about qualifying for our free MetroCard and/or gift card. For more information, please contact Mary Casatelli, Director - Phone: 718.281.5147 Email:


CUNY has partnered with TheDream.US, a national foundation that provides college scholarships to undocumented students across the country.  Over 300 scholarship recipients are enrolled at CUNY colleges this fall, and we look forward to increasing this number even more.  A new scholarship application round opened in September and will run through February 15, 2016.  Undocumented students who are DACA-eligible can receive up to $25,000 in college tuition, and once enrolled in CUNY scholarship recipients receive special advisement and training.  Currently enrolled college students are not eligible to apply.

Some important notes about the scholarship:

  • Scholarship liaisons at every CUNY college serving undergraduate students are available to discuss the scholarship application with prospective candidates – their contact info is listed here.
  • For more information about student eligibility requirements or to access the scholarship application, please visit TheDream.US website.
  • For more information about CUNY’s participation in this amazing scholarship program, please visit our scholarship webpage.


The tuition fees listed for each continuing education course represent the total charges for the course. A one-time $20 per person registration fee is required each semester. For children’s programs, first child pays $20 registration fee, each additional child, $15 registration fee.

Matriculated QCC students in full-time credit courses are exempt from the registration fee.

FREE courses require $20 registration fee.

Personal checkswill only be accepted ten (10) days prior to class start date.

A student who has submitted a bad check, or who stopped payment on a check to the College, will not be permitted to pay by check again. In these cases, payment must be by  money order, or credit card only (cash payments not available). A fee of $15 will be charged for a bad check.

A paid invoice is needed for class admission. The fee for a duplicate invoice is $5.00

Discount Policy for Seniors:


All Continuing Education courses are offered at a discounted rate (see below) on space-available bases. Seniors are required to pay the $20 registration fee. First time registrants must apply for discounts at the time of registration and submit appropriate proof.

5% off all applicable/eligible courses less than $150.

10% off all applicable/eligible courses with tuition of $150 or more.

QCC Alumni Association Members:

All Alumni must be dues paying members of the QCC Alumni, and not just graduates of the College. They must show their QCC Alumni Card, with appropriate validation, to our office in order to be considered for an alumni discount when registering for Continuing Education courses at QCC.

All eligible QCC Alumni will receive a 5% discount and a waiver of the $20 registration fee for all Continuing Education courses offered at QCC.

The Discount and Registration waiver is only for the QCC Alumni member and not extended to members of their family.

Refund Policy

The Office of Continuing Education adheres strictly to the following refund policies:

Refunds are given either when QCC Continuing Education cancels classes or based on individual student requests.

All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing, by mail, fax, or in person.
Non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal or request for refund

NO CASH REFUNDS. Refunds are made to the credit card or by check only to the payer of record.

No refund for classes which meet for only one or two sessions; or for classes after second meeting.

Materials fees are not refundable.

The $20 registration fee is not refundable.

Refunds are computed as of the date on which official notification is received by this office as follows: 90% refund 3 days prior to first class meeting. 75% refund prior to second class meeting (for courses that have more than two meetings).

Note: All refunds takes approximately 2-3 weeks after the Office of Continuing Education receives your request and/or a class is cancelled by our office.

For processing your refund request, please contact
Sinia Yiatselis:


•  The Office makes every attempt possible to notify you of course cancellations. Please confirm your current telephone number(s) and email address at the time of registration.

•  You will receive a full tuition refund for courses cancelled by the College within 2-3 weeks of notification by the Office of Continuing Education. If you are enrolled for multiple classes, and some are held, the $20 registration fee will not be refunded for those cancelled by QCC.

•  The College reserves the right to cancel any course, to make changes in fees or substitutions in faculty, to change days/hours when necessary. Every effort is made to provide corrected information as soon as possible if the catalog or other printed materials containing course information is modified.