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2016 Spring Catalog

Spring 2016

2016 Summer Catalog


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Personal Enrichment


For Beginners

PC Tour: Boot Camp - Get De-Briefed!

Receive an overview and learn the major PC applications, including Windows, Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and the Internet. Each week — another session of training!

Windows Explorer: Find Files & Folders

Learn to organize, copy, move, delete and retrieve information (documents, data, music, pictures) stored on your hard drive.

Windows Efficiency: Become a Pro!

Learn to navigate and customize the windows desktop. Install and remove programs and devices (printers, cameras, etc.) and organize and retrieve information (documents, data, music, pictures). Discover shortcut keys and techniques to streamline your workflow and arrange and organize files. Prerequisite: Windows class CPX-272 (above).

Microsoft Word for Windows

Learn menu commands; edit and copy; formatting, fonts and attributes, paragraph alignment, bullets, numbering.

For Advanced Beginners

Microsoft Excel

Create, edit, save, print worksheets; construct formulas, columns, rows; format text and cells; learn copying; introduction to charts.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Need to make an impressive presentation in front of a group? Step-by-step instructions to create, edit, print and file slides, outlines, speaker’s notes, and handouts.

Microsoft Project Pro

Ideal course for the Project Manager or a project team to track and manage a project! Learn to balance the project’s scope, cost, time and resources efficiently. Create schedules, using Gantt Charts, Calendar Views, Resource Sheets, creating and customizing reports, work breakdown structures and milestones.

THE APPLE ECOSYSTEM : Introduction to the Modern & Beautiful

This is the ideal course to transition from the PC to the MAC, or to introduce you to this new operating environment. Learn how to integrate all of your iOS-devices seamlessly, including the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and iMac. This course will cover all the components, basic functionality, and best practices to navigate and gain expertise within this exciting, trendy, and evolving platform. Learn creative and professional applications, including multi-media i-Life (i-Movie & GarageBand), and the business of using i-Work (Pages=MS Word, Keynote=MS Powerpoint, Numbers=MS Excel), and other essential “apps” as a fresh alternative to Microsoft (MS). Learn how to easily sync all your valuable data and work via the i-Cloud, to ensure that you are always i-Ready!



Learn streaming of audio, movies, and other rich media, and the basic core services of the Cloud computing platform on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. Acquire hands-on experience with Amazon S3 cloud storage, static and dynamic website hosting on Amazon S3 and EC2, audio/video content distribution, and server deployment to launch static and dynamic websites. Ideal for those interested in understanding this latest technology, utilized by professionals & individuals to optimize their business and lifestyle.

Creating Video for the Web

Do you want to turn your vacation pictures into a musical slideshow... Record a video message for far-off family... Or just talk on Skype without looking like you're underwater? Learn the basics of making good video with a webcam, camcorder, or phone camera. Attain skills to polish videos with free editing software; add images, titles, and music; compress your video for email, and; upload your video to YouTube or Facebook with the appropriate privacy settings. Note: Access to a camcorder, webcam, phone camera, or other video recording device is required.


Social Networking

Learn, understand and use online social networking (FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn). Acquire the basic skills to take advantage of the features, tools, and tricks available on these free online social networks, including importing pictures. Topics include: networks, friends, inbox, photo albums, online chat, notifications, ‘tweeting’, news feed, uploading pictures and more.

WIKISpace & Blogger

Do you want to create a basic web site (WIKIspace) and a blog (Blogger)? Explore and learn the basic skills features, tools and tricks to utilize the features WIKIspace and Blogger have to offer. Topics include: adding a new page, editing, enhancing text, inserting links, images, files, tables, embedding widgets, commenting, RSS feed and more.



Adobe Photoshop Foundations

Whether you are a complete novice to digital imaging, a graphics designer, or a photographer who just wants to take good-looking images and make them look great, this course is designed to give you a foundation to make the most out of your digital images!

From restoring old faded photographs to their former glory, to letting your imagination run free and create completely new digital compositions. Learn how to make the best of your photographs and digital images with this project-orientated course. You will have hands-on experience learning a wide array of techniques for modifying and sweetening your images using the industry standard graphics program: Adobe Photoshop. Learn the basics everyone who works with digital images needs to know, as well as a wide array of advanced techniques.

Creating Videos for Social Media

Start your own video blog for YouTube® or other social media outlets! Want to start a web video series, but don’t know where to get started? Or do you take videos and want to refine them to show friends and family online, but don’t know how? Then this class is for you!

Learn the steps to start your own video blog: attain basic skills of properly shooting video and polishing it with video editing software, what makes successful videos, and how to prep for YouTube® and other social media platforms.

Note: Access to a mini camcorder, webcam, or other video recorder required. Basic to Intermediate knowledge of Photoshop or other image editing software is suggested but not required.

PICTURE THIS: Digital Photography

Picture This: The Art of Digital Photography

Explore the basic principles of becoming proficient with your digital camera (whether you have an advance digital “dSLR” or a casual compact camera) and the art of photography. Learn how to utilize manual camera operation to produce expert photographs, professional image enhancement through Adobe Photoshop.

Topics include: exposure, composition, portrait & landscape techniques, design in photography, retouching techniques and equipment. Weekly assignments, walking tours, digital darkroom lab sessions, photo demonstrations and group critiques are integral course components.

Picture This: Darkroom & Beyond

Explore advanced techniques of digital photography by utilizing the digital darkroom. Learn about contemporary styles and techniques in photography, including lighting for portrait, professional digital workflows, multiple exposures and HDR, shooting to edit and learning to see creatively. Weekly assignments to be given, as well as hands-on shooting field trips.

Learn professional post-production with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture, used by multi-media professionals for print/graphic design and photography. Discover the basic and most useful techniques for all styles of photography, with special focus on photo enhancement, photo workflow, best practices and creating a personal style.

Topics include: preparing photos for optimal print quality, retouching photos, understanding layers and filters, selecting/extracting images, manipulating images, layer masking and blending, fix troublesome exposure, optimize your workflow and advance color correction and grading.


Astonishing Watercolors

Learn to create the most astonishing watercolors using techniques ranging from dry-brush, wet-into-wet and wet-into-dry, lifting, pouring, texturing, glazing, and more!

Impressionism: An Introduction

Take a journey with the French Impressionists, focusing on Monet, among others, in the late half 19th century. Explore their lifestyles, personalities, and techniques and how this Impressionist Movement crossed the Atlantic and developed within colonies of artists, such as Mary Cassatt, who put an American slant on this style.

Engaging activities include: creating timelines; viewing videos, art pieces, photographs; analyzing and charting artistic styles, and; identifying research resources to enjoy the world of art. Participants will be invited to meet at museums to explore the original works.


Art Culture

The Art of Louis Comfort Tiffany& His Family

The Tiffany family legacy includes jewelry, paintings, and the wonderful stained glass with which we are so familiar. We will trace the lineage and legacy that has left us with such beautiful treasures.

Women in the 1870’s Art World

The 1870s bring to mind Monet, Manet, Renoir and others. Yet there were many women closely connected to this period of art – as artists, wives, models, and muses. We will explore their immeasurable contributions to the history of Impressionism.


Great Directors: Alfred Hitchcock

Step into the world of "The Master of Suspense" to explore the journey of Alfred Hitchcock, not only as a director, but as a producer, writer and actor. Clips from his filmography or a full screening of one of his films followed by a Q&A included. Discussions on Hitchcock's early life, signature style of filmmaking, his career spanning over fifty years, and the huge influence and impact he has had on the film industry.

Designing Spaces: Kitchens, Baths, and Lighting

Kitchens and baths are receiving a big percentage of the building and redecorating budget. New trends and fixtures, budgeting needs and plumbing requirements will be covered, as well as appropriate lighting for the entire home. Please ask for materials list at time of registration.



Books & Brunch

This semester, read and discuss six (6) selections of contemporary and classical literature. Gather in a diverse group setting and participate in an informal but challenging discussion of books and the reading experience. Learn what authors do to capture a reader's interest and to keep a reader reading. Join in and talk about how authors create characters, develop plot and theme. Feel free to share your feelings and insights during these two-hour discussions.

The first book we will read this semester is Paula McLain's Paris Wife. Please read this selection PRIOR to the 1st class meeting. The list of the additional books will be provided on the first day of class.

We will read and discuss one book every two weeks. A film of one of the books will be shown. Suggestions of good books to read will be made throughout the semester. For each selection, supporting resource material will be given out by the facilitator.

By the Book

This semester, read and discuss four (4) selections of contemporary and classical literature. Gather in a diverse group setting and participate in an informal but challenging discussion of books and the reading experience. Learn what authors do to capture a reader's interest and to keep a reader reading. Join in and talk about how authors create characters, develop plot and theme. Feel free to share your feelings and insights during these one-hour discussions.

The first book we will read this semester is Paula McLain's Paris Wife. Please read this selection PRIOR to the 1st class meeting. A list of the additional books will be provided on the first evening of class.

We will read and discuss one book each month. Suggestions of good books to read will be made throughout the semester. For each selection, supporting resource material will be disseminated.

The Twilight Zone

Step into the world of Rod Serling and his dimension of sound, sight and mind. Participants will explore the world of The Twilight Zone through plot analysis, complex characters and understanding the significance of how this remarkable show has had an impact on our world today. Each class will include a screening and discussion of episodes followed by a Q & A.


The 1950s: American Culture in Mid-Century

The 1950s were a turning point in the cultural history of America. These cultural changes in America led to a worldwide cultural revolution. Rock & Roll, Space Exploration, Television, Consumerism, Cars and Highways, the Rise of the Suburbs, and Vacation Travel are just some of the topics which will be covered in this fun and informative class.

Suggested Readings: Crabgrass Frontier: The Suburbanization of the United States by Kenneth T. Jackson; Fifties Style Then and Now by Richard Horn; Populuxe by Thomas Hine; California Design, 1930-1965: Living in a Modern Way by Wendy Kaplan, Editor, and; Holy Land: A Suburban Memoir by D. J. Waldie.

Churchill and Leadership

One of the greatest leaders of the twentieth century, Winston Churchill, through words and deeds, led the Anglo-American world in its darkest time. Facing first Fascism and later Communism, Churchill proved that the values and courage of free people will be victorious over totalitarian states.

Suggested Readings: Churchill by Paul Johnson; Winston’s War: Churchill 1940-1945 by Sir Max Hastings; Churchill: The Power of Words by Martin Gilbert, and; Churchill Style: The Art of Being Winston Churchill by Barry Singer.

Vicksburg-Gettysburg 1863: Two Battles that Saved the Uniom

During the first three days of July 1863, two battles, one in the West and one in the East, saved Lincoln and the Union. Three great generals: Lee, Grant, and Meade, led their armies in these great struggles. As part of the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War… you will not want to miss this exciting and interesting class!

Suggested Readings: Vicksburg, 1863 by Winston Groom; Gettysburg National Park Service Guidebook, and; The Civil War: A Visual History published by The Smithsonian Institute.


Great Directors in Film

Step into the world of great directors and the wonderful films they have brought to the big screen. Participants will explore the journey of various directors and their impact on the industry, as a director, producer, screenwriter and actor. Each class will include a topic discussion and a film screening followed by a Q & A.

The Music Industry

What does the word "music" mean to you? What song identifies you as an individual? How has technology affected the way we listen to music today? Participants will explore an overview of the music industry and the music of our past and present. Our approach will cover music not only through the world of bands, musicians and artists, but looking at the music industry behind the scenes and what it has become. Each class will include listening to musical examples, screening film clips and discussing the difference between genres and styles.

Introduction to Acting

Acting for beginners in theatre or film with no previous training or experience necessary. Participants will be introduced to all aspects of acting including theatre games, improvisations, monologues, character study, scene analysis, script interpretation and different methods including the physical and emotional work.


Summer Sensations: Cooking – Hot Fun & Cool Food!

Limited Enrollment. Registrants will be requested to pay instructor material fee for ingredients and food items directly at 1st class meeting of each module.

Tuition: PsX-312 mt register for all three (3) modules @ $145 plus $50 materials fee payable to instructor at 1st class meeting
MT-A: module 1: $55 plus $20 materials fee payable to instructor at 1st class meeting
MT-B: module 2: $55 plus $10 materials fee payable to instructor at 1st class meeting
MT-C: module 3: $55 plus $20 materials fee payable to instructor at 1st class meeting

A Taste of Homemade: Pies, Chocolates, Cookies and Candies

Learn how to make that awesome pie, including crust and homemade fillings for your sum-mer sunny mornings or leisurely kick-back evenings. Chocolate lollipops, little candies, and dipped fruit can be terrific summer treats or your just desserts for you, your friends and family, and guests alike! Bring your own dessert molds to class!

Fresh, Fast & Healthy: Home Grown & Farmer's Markets

Learn to buy local and fresh fruit and vegetable ingredients from farmer's markets. Explore the simplicity of growing a home garden and its benefits. Includes a "jarring" demonstra-tion of these produce and how to preserve them. Bring your own mason jars to class!

Grilling & Barbecuing: Foods of the Mediterranean & Middle East

Learn about various meat cuts and marinating them. This menu is known to be the healthi-est diet in the world given extensive use of olive oils, fresh regional ingredients, and ease of cooking, storing, and re-using (not known as leftovers to this culture!). Make kofte (meatballs), spinach pies (borek with philo dough or puff pastry), pogaca (mini stuffed breads), roasted eggplant for baba ganoush, and easy authentic hummus (chickpeas). Bring your appetite to class!


Auto Insurance/Point Reduction

Bell Auto School

Completion of this certified course for eligi-bility of a 10% reduction in auto liability and collision insurance rates each year for 3 years, and a reduction of 4 points in penalties (if any) on driver's license. bring photocopy of driver's license to class.

Basic Rider Motorcycle Course

Developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Learn about the types of motorcycles and how they operate, clothing for comfort and protec-tion, how to develop a riding strategy for deal-ing with traffic and road hazards, and the effect of alcohol and other drugs on your ability to ride safely. Riding exercises cover straight-line riding, shifting, braking, cornering and swerving techniques and motorcycle dynamics.

Trama's Auto School Inc. provides motor-cycles, helmets, eye protection and course materials. You need to provide your own riding gear: sturdy, low-heeled over-the-ankle foot-wear, jacket, long pants, full-fingered gloves, and, if necessary, raingear.

Prerequisite: You must be at least 16 years of age to participate. Participants under the age of 18 will be required to have their parent or guardian's notarized signature on their application. The ability to ride a bicycle is a requirement for admission to this program.


Meditation: Discover the Peace & harmony

Use meditation in daily life to help manage stress and assist self-healing and personal growth. Experience relaxation, mindfulness, focusing and visualizations, and the use of breath, sound and other methods to inte-grate body, mind and spirit. For the novice and experienced.

Tai Chi: Basic

Treasure your life and do some proper exercise to keep you healthier and happier. Please bring towel & bottle of water to every class.

Hatha Yoga

Stretch away stress with postures that strengthen all major muscle groups and have a therapeutic effect on glands and organs.


Joseph Pilates called it "contrology": core strengthening and conditioning, incorporat-ing fundamentals of breathing, centering, concentration, control, isolation into a rou-tine of precise movements. Strengthen the four layers of abdominal muscles and the pel-vic floor, lengthen muscles of the lower back and hip, upper body exercises and stretching.

Zumba® Fitness

If you have ever seen a Zumba® class in action, you know it is not your typical workout. Zumba® classes infuse exotic rhythms set to high energy Latin and international beats. Without even realizing it, you are getting a total body workout. Routines are modified to fit any fitness level. Ditch the workout and join the party...Zumba® style!


Bollywood Dance fever!

Inspired by wildly popular Indian Bollywood movies, this exciting dance is packed with funky moves and stylish maneuvers, and guarantees a great full body workout. Get ready for an imaginative and artistic con-coction of technique, energy, emotion and fabulous fun!

Belly Dancing

Join Shoshana…come and tone your body, especially your abs, while learning the ancient art form of Middle-Eastern dance. This is an ideal course to strengthen your body and increase self esteem. Appropriate for every age since it is a low-impact form of exercise. Wear loose comfortable clothing.

Latin Dance

Latin dancing — emphasis on salsa & mambo, cha cha & bachata, Tito Puente, merengue, Marc Anthony — is caliente (hot). Learn basic rhythms and steps. Discover the secrets behind authentic "Cuban motion" and have fun doing mambo "shines"

Tap Dancing for Beginners

Participants must purchase and bring their own tap shoes to first class. Join the latest craze to get in shape by taking a tap class! This course is focused toward those with no to little previous tap dance training. Learn basic steps and concepts for ease of tapping. The basic steps and rhythms will be put together into simple combinations and routines. Speed, memory and more intricate steps and rhythms will be explored toward the latter part of the course. The tap style offered most closely matches the classic Broadway Tap moves of 42nd Street and those featured in Fred Astaire movies.

Jazz for Beginners

Jazz has become one of the most popular dance styles in recent years. It is fun and energetic! Attain the fundamentals of jazz dancing, and how to put all the elements and moves together to create different combinations and routines each week. Learn basic jazz dance techniques and movements covering jazz of the 1920's through today's hip-hop style. Participants should wear comfortable, workout clothing. All participants must wear jazz shoes which should be purchased on their own prior to the first class meeting.


Tennis for Beginners

Basic strokes, court strategy, etiquette, rules and scoring of single and double games. Participants evaluated for placement at first class meeting.

Family Fun Tennis

This exciting tennis course is being offered for both parents and their kids! Learn all the basic strokes, including the forehand, backhand, volley and serve, and have fun playing tennis together! Parents and their child(ren) will compete against one another, doing drills and playing lead-up tennis games. Discussion of rules and scoring with matches to be played. Who will win: the Moms and Dads, or their Superstar Children? Only one way to find out… sign up early and let the Games Begin! Limited enrollment. Parent & Child(ren) must register and pay individually.

Tennis for New Players

Small groups with Limited Enrollment Steven Apostolo, BA, professional tennis instructor, Borough Director of Queens for City Parks Foundation, Director of Tennis for East Williston Creative Arts Program, Selected as Tennis instructor for NIKE & REEBOK clinics in Central Park with pros such as Andy Roddick, Tomas Berdych, Steffi Graf, Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal, Member of the USTA and ball-person for the U.S. Open Tennis Championship in Flushing Meadows for the past ten years

Mature Adults (ages 50+)
Learn the basic strokes, advanced strategy, court etiquette and competitive match play! PEX-278 4 sessions / $55 SA Sat, 9-10am, June 9-30
Young Adults (ages 18+) Learn the basics and fundamentals of tennis. Learn the rules of the game and instruction of forehand, backhand, volley, serve, strategy and match play.


Community Swimming A supervised recreational swimming program. Adults must register and accompany child(ren) under 18 years of age for safety.

Refund Policy: after first week, No Refunds will be granted. Original Confirmation Letter must be returned to the Continuing Education office for refund to be considered. Note: No make-up dates for unanticipated facilities and/or weather condition closings

Afternoons, Evenings, Weekends Monday thru Thursday: 6-7:45pm Wednesday: 1-2:45pm Friday: 6-8:45pm Saturday & Sunday: 1-3:45pm Registration Invoice for Community Swim (PEX-287) required for entrance to pool. Pool hours are subject to change to meet class scheduling requirements, life guard availability, and pool maintenance requirements.

Aqua Aerobics

Improve posture, muscle tone and coordination while increasing strength, flexibility and endurance — without stress! For swimmers & non-swimmers at all levels.

Aqua ZUMBA ®

The Aqua Zumba® pool party gives a new meaning to the idea of an invigorating workout. Splashing, stretching, laughing, hooting and hollering are often heard during an Aqua Zumba class. By combining Zumba® and aqua fitness foundations, Aqua Zumba® provides a safe, challenging, water-based workout that's cardio-conditioning, body toning, and most of all, exhilarating beyond belief! Let's take the party to the pool! Participants should bring bathing suit, water, towel, and water shoes. Limited enrollment.


Singing Cabaret Style Workshop!

Learn the fundamentals of cabaret, including choosing the appropriate musical material, song interpretation, microphone technique, connecting with an audience, overcoming stage fright and stage presence. Accompaniment provided with the use of pre-recorded tracks. Participants should have a song prepared to sing on the first day of class with a karaoke accompaniment. A Cabaret performance, open to friends and family, will culminate on the last workshop date.