Medical Office Assistant Certificate Program

The demand for Medical Office Assistants in hospitals, long term care facilities and doctor’s offices continues to increase in NYC. Assistants are now being asked to manage administrative functions of the practice, including electronic health records billing and coding procedures, clinical, technical and diverse cultural skills. Earn industry certifications from the American Heart Association and National Healthcareer Association.

The Certificate Program consists of:

  • Medical Office Biller Certificate (6 courses)
  • Clinical Competency Track (4 courses): CPR, EKG, Phlebotomy, Standard First Aid
  • Electronic Health Records (E.H.R.) & Cultural Competency in Healthcare (1 course each)

Program Highlights

  • Training & preparation for employment demands of this growing healthcare sector:
    • Receive four industry-recognized certifications
    • Courses designed to maximize learning potential
    • Cutting edge curriculum across multiple disciplines, including clinical and cultural
  • Benefit from QCC ‘s existing infrastructure in professional and workforce development:
    • Established workforce partners to assist with career development
    • Relevant, industry-based internships to enhance experience and marketability
    • Job search services: industry-specific resume writing, interview skills, referrals

Please note additional costs and prerequisites under each individual course description. Registrants must pay $20 registration fee each semester and exam fees.

  • CPR
  • Medical Billing Intro & Cmptr. Mgt.
  • Standard First Aid
  • Medical Claims Problem Solving
  • EKG
  • Medical Terminology and Systems I & II
  • Phlebotomy
  • Intro to Pharmacology
  • CPT Coding
  • Electronic Health Records
  • ICD10 Coding
  • Cultural Competency



We offer CPR and First Aid Training provided at yuor corporate location.

Please contact the Office of Continuing Education at 718-631-6343.

Medical Billing Introduction & Computer Practice Management

Clare Natel, RN, BS, MBA

Learn the fundamentals of Medical Office Billing with the hands-on management of a medical practice using the Medisoft Advanced Patient Accounting software. Simulate an on-the-job setting with an in-depth look into the business practices of a successful medical practice. Topics include: setting up and managing a medical practice, using the universal coding system to prepare medical claims to third party payers, government and insurance regulations, maintaining good patient medical and financial records.

To fully prepare the student for successful and professional marketing objectives, this course continues with additional focus on the challenges of the job interview and establishing a top-notch resume and effective cover letter, along with follow-up procedures for job interviews and salary negotiation. Required Textbook: Computers in the Medical Office (ninth edition) by Susan M. Sanderson, available at the QCC Bookstore.

Recommended for class: Basic computer skills, USB 2.0 "thumb drive" device.

MBX-125: 10 sessions (35 hours) / $795

R: Thurs., 6-9:30pm, Sept. 27-Dec. 13 (skip 10/25, 11/22)

4 classroom sessions: Sept. 27-Oct. 18

4 computer lab sessions: Nov. 1-29 (skip 11/22)

2 Job Search sessions (Computer Lab): Dec. 6 & 13

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Standard First Aid

Attain employee training on external bleeding control, injuries, wound care, asthma and allergic reactions, (weather-related) shocks, burns, poisons and sudden illness in the workplace. Learn to recognize everyday emergency situations and take appropriate action until professional help arrives. The American Heart Heartsavers guidelines mandate the required workbook manual be read prior to class (available at the QCC Bookstore @ less than $10).

AHX-183: 1 session (8 hours) / Sun. @ 9am-6pm (with 1 hour lunch) / $130 includes material fee of $8.50 for pocket face mask (AHA protocol) and $17 for certification card (subject to further change with price increase)

• Z1: Aug. 12: • Z2: Aug. 26: • Z2: Sept. 23

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Medical Claims Problem Solving

Understanding Health Insurance

Wendy Garcia, EMR Credentialed Trainer

This comprehensive overview of today's Health Insurance will introduce you to underlying Federal and State regulations; compliance and ethics that govern the industry; the basics of health insurance and industry terminology, and; the multitude of health insurance plans and common reasons insurance claims are denied and how to resolve them. Required Textbook: Computers in the Medical Office (ninth edition) Susan M. Sanderson, available at the QCC Bookstore.

MBX-120: 9 sessions (18 hours) / $265

R: Thurs, 6:30-8:30pm, Oct. 4-Dec. 6 (skip 11/22)

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Introduction to cardiac anatomy and terminology, recognition: of cardiac emergencies, obtaining a 12-lead ECG or EKG tracing and basic rhythm interpretation. Includes additional 4 hours offsite Clinical TBA.

AHX-170: 10 sessions (40 hours) / $1,575 plus $25 NHA class fee below

SA: Sat., 8:30am-12:30pm, Sept. 8-Nov. 17 (skip 10/6)

SA-NHA: NHA Exam: Dec. 1 @ 9am-1pm

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Medical Terminology and Systems I & II

Sergeo Guilbaud, MHA, Education Director, L.I. College Hospital

Study medical terminology through root words, prefixes, and suffixes to explain and describe the human body. Learn abbreviations, correct pronunciation, spelling and use of medical terms. Required Textbook: Medical Terminology for Health Professions (eighth edition) by Ann Ehrlich, available at the QCC Bookstore.

MBX-126: 8 sessions (16 hours) / $275 plus $10 payable at first class meeting

W: Wed., 7-9pm, Sept. 26-Nov. 14

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Obtain the introductory skills to secure an entry level phlebotomy position. Learn various methods of blood collection through venipuncture, capillary puncture, and existing intravascular devices. Emphasizes use of anticoagulants, the order of draw, and procedures for obtaining and processing specimens.  Safety considerations for all health care professionals and patients discussed. Registrants should purchase stethoscope, B/P cuff, lab coats and non-latex gloves. Includes additional 4 hours offsite Clinical TBA.

AHX-171               10 sessions (44 hours) / $1,695 plus $25 NHA class fee below

SP           Sat., 1-5:25pm, Sept. 8-Nov. 17 (skip 10/6)

NHA Exam: Dec. 1 @ 9am-1pm

Please note: If you are taking both EKG and Phlebotomy Exams, special TBD schedule available.

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Intro to Pharmacology

Roya Songhorian, Pharm-D.RPH

Learn definition of key pharmacology terms; classification of drugs based on preparation; types and uses of drugs; system of measurement of medication; federal laws on the 5 levels of controlled substances and OSHA regulations; and; reaction of drugs. No Textbook Required.

MBX-108    5 sessions (16 hours) / $265

T        Tues., 6-9:10pm, Oct. 2-30

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CPT Coding

Warren J. Goodman, DPM

Learn the universal medical coding system to select the correct procedural code(s) for bill sub- mission to maximize reimbursement. Required Manual: CPT Manual 2018 AMA, available at the QCC Bookstore.

MBX-103: 8 sessions (24 hours) / $345

WP: Wed., 5:30-8:30pm, Sept. 26-Nov. 14 (Skip 10/31; 11/7, 21 & End 11/28)

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Electronic Health Records

Natalya Margolina, MA

Students will explore the new technology in Electronic Health Records, and they will benefit from hands-on software in industry, including standard electronic health records, medical office management, billing, and coding. Class will be held in computer lab: please bring your own Flash Drive to class to save your in-class work. Required Textbook: Electronic Health Records with software (3rd edition) by Byron Hamilton, available at the QCC Bookstore.

MBX-005: 6 sessions (18 hours) / $345

SA: Sat., 9:30am-12:30pm, Sept. 29-Nov. 3

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ICD Coding 10

Telcida Dolcine, MPH, RMA, CPT, EMT-B

Focus on diagnostic coding through use of the International Classification of Diseases, Clinical Modification (CMS) Procedure Coding (PCS) systems. Course completion in conjunction with the CPT coding course (MBX-103 below) enables obtaining maximum reimbursements on claims. Required Manuals: ICD-10 CM 2018 & ICD-10 PCS 2018, available at the QCC Bookstore.

MBX-104: 8 sessions (24 hours) / $345

W: Wed., 6:30-9:30pm, Sept. 26-Nov. 14

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Cultural Competency

Telcida Dolcine, MPH, RMA, CPT, EM-B

In order to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse patient population, healthcare providers must understand how cultural forces influence health perceptions. Learn how to produce healthcare providers who understand the role of culture in health care practice, and are equipped with the skills necessary to assess and navigate their profession with cultural awareness and responsiveness. No Textbook Required.

MBX-006: 6 sessions (12 hours) / $205

FP: Fri., 2-4pm, Sept. 28-Nov. 2

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QCC Medical Office Assistant Certificate Training Package: MBX-001

  • Pay for individual courses as listed on designated pages OR
  • BUNDLE PRICING for Certificate Program ONLY AVAILABLE at initial time of registration: $4,995

REFUND POLICY: Requests calculated by subtracting individual course costs from bundle rate prior to second class meeting.

Partial payment schedule available for bundle pricing program package:

50% due at initial time of registration & 50% balance due at end of 1st semester

For more information please contact Josephine Troia at (718) 281-5535 or

Discounts not applicable for this program.

Medical Office Assistant

What Medical Office Assistants Do:

Medical Assistants perform a variety of tasks that generally includes traditional office work, such as handling the front desk, answering phones and filing insurance forms, as well as medical tasks such as drawing blood and preparing it for lab tests, administering injections and making sure medical histories are accurately recorded. Medical Assistants are most often employed by physicians’ offices, General Medical and Surgical Hospitals, Office of Other Health Practitioners, Outpatient Care Centers and Employment Services.

Salary Information:

Median Hourly Wage: $16.20 in New York State

Median Annual Wage: $33,700 in New York State

The lowest 10% earn $11.68/hour and $24,300 annually

*Please note: The mean wage is an average wage. Salary may increase as medical office assistant’s experience and education increases. Industry also will affect salary. Physicians’ offices and hospitals generally pay the highest wages. The lowest 10% of salary may reflect those with the least experience.

Career Outlook:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, the employment of Medical Office Assistants is projected to grow +24% from 2014 to 2024, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. Hospitals, diagnostic labs, blood donor centers, and other locations will hire medical office assistants.

To speak to an Advisor, contact:
Josephine Troia, MS Ed.
Advising, career counseling and job search assistance are offered at no charge to students during and upon completion of any course or program at Queensborough Community College, Division of Pre-College, Continuing Education and Workforce Development.

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