College Now Summer Program

In summer 2015, we are offering: Introduction to Robotics and the Summer Theatre Production Workshop.

Introduction to Robotics

June 29 to August 6, 2015, Showcase on August 10
Monday through Thursday
9:15 AM to 3:45PM
Four (4) college credits upon successful completion.

This program is designed to introduce students to robotics within a hands-on four (4) college credit course, ET 375 (Introduction to Robotics), to robotic construction, programming, operation, and basic design theory. Throughout the summer, students will work in teams to design, construct, and program autonomous mobile robots by learning and using the C Programming Language within the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Robotics System among other components. Robotics projects will include behaviors such as line-following, random roaming with obstacle avoidance using IR senors and ultrasonic range finding sensors, and rotate until a path is clear using the data from the ultrasonic range finders.

Metrocards and lunch vouchers will be provided.

Eligibility Requirements

The Summer Program is open to rising juniors and seniors. Students coming from Queensborough Community College partner schools will be given priority, but sophomores and eligible students from other public schools may attend if space permits.

Summer Theater Production Workshop

June 29 – July 30, 2015
Monday through Thursday
9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (weeks 1 through 3)

Final Performance on July 30
Three college credits upon successful completion.

Open Call: Looking for aspiring and would-be actors, costumers, makeup artists, set designers, and other theatre hopefuls to hone their craft and perform a Festival of Plays of monologues and skits they have written themselves at Queensborough Community College's Summer Theater Production Workshop.  The Program will also bring in a guest speaker/professional actor as well as atendance at a Broadway show.

Metrocards and lunch vouchers will be provided.

Eligibility Requirements

Online Application Link (Print a copy of the form at the end of the submission and give it to the College Now liaison at your high school along with your trancript)

Parental Consent Form 

Return Completed and signed forms and a high school transcript to:

College Now
Queensborough Community College
222-05 56th Avenue, Room W118
Bayside, New York 11364