Dr. Jordan A. Verdis



  • Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, Yale University
  • M.S., Organic Chemistry, University of California, Los Angeles
  • B.S., Chemistry, University of Athens, Greece

Courses Taught

  • CH-102: Living in a Chemical World Lab
  • CH-103: Chemistry and the Arts
  • CH-104: Chemistry and the Arts Lab
  • CH-120: Fundamentals of Chemistry
  • CH-121: Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory
  • CH-127: Introductory College Chemistry Lecture and Lab
  • CH-128: Introductory Organic Chemistry Lecture and Lab
  • CH-151: General Chemistry I Lecture and Lab
  • CH-251: Organic Chemistry I Lecture and Lab

Research Interests

  • Computational chemistry: Ab Initio investigations of organic reactions and reaction mechanisms.
  • Chemical Informatics: Computer representation of chemical reactions.
  • Chemical Education: Incorporation of computational chemistry terminology and methods into the first-year chemistry curriculum. Development of novel laboratory experiments for introductory organic chemistry students.

Teaching Experience

  • 2007 – present Queensborough Community College
    • Substitute Assistant Instructor (2008 - present)
    • Adjunct Professor (2007 - 2008)
  • 2008 – present York College (Adjunct Professor)
  • 2006 – 2007 Nassau Community College (Adjunct Instructor)

Membership In Professional Societies

  • American Chemical Society
  • Association for Computing Machinery


  1. "Computer Assisted Mechanistic Evaluation of Organic Reactions. 22. The Generation and Use of Three-Dimensional Structures." Gothe, S.A.; Helson, H.E.; Houdaverdis, I.; Lagerstedt, I.; Sinclair, S.; Jorgensen, W.L. J. Org. Chem. 1984, 58, 5081-5094.
  2. "A Double Decay Experiment: Half-Life Determination of Two Independently Decaying Radionuclides." Houdaverdis, I.; Kontis, S.S. J. Chem. Educ. 1991, 68, 171-172.

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