Prof. Joseph Eduardo Ocando


New York University, New York, NY

  • M.S. Chemistry, 2004:
    Analysis of Sequence Specific PAH-o-Quinone Derived Guanine Adducts Using Maldi-TOF Mass Spectrometry”
    Advisor: Nicholas Geacintov
  • B.A. Chemistry, 1994


Six Sigma Black Belt certified, UPLC, HPLC, NIR, FTIR, GC, GC/MS, Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry, MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry, Dissolution, TLC, Empower, Minitab


PFIZER, INC., Brooklyn, NY
Analytical Chemist
Technical Services/ Quality Operations

  • Implemented six-sigma and continuous improvement strategy for process optimization
  • Developed methods to monitor multiple areas of tray dry ovens to quantify residual solvents in real-time
  • Validated various equipment for I/O/PQ
  • Designed training program for operators of at-process NIR analysis to determine end-point coating
  • Optimized tablet compression settings to maintain product integrity
  • Lead meetings with vendors for equipment integration
  • Transferred technology projects for adaptation and enhancement at viable manufacturing facility
  • Presented progress reports to executive leadership
  • Troubleshot product testing procedure and instrumentation to determine method validation and efficiency
  • Implemented inter-laboratory cost improvement program to enhance HPLC performance and efficiency
  • Initiated and report detailed analytical laboratory investigations
  • Supervised quality team training of associate analysts
  • Coordinated Environmental Health and Safety program for laboratory colleagues

TEACH FOR AMERICA, New York, NY(1997-2000)
Teach For America Corps Member/ Teacher

  • Fulfilled two year commitment to teach 8th grade math and science classes in an under-resourced, under-privileged inner-city public school district
  • Initiated after school Regents math Algebra program with Children’s Aid Society
  • Founded ed-tech start up Rhyme ‘n Learn Records, LLC to distribute math/science learning through rap music
  • Created cross-functional lessons
  • Facilitated effective independent classroom management system
  • Engaged VARK learning styles of students with extremely low SES backgrounds
  • Enhanced critical thinking through inquiry based projects via field trips
  • Fostered student centered cooperative learning
  • Ensured all curriculum standards were met based on targeted assessments


  • Designed, executed and interpreted experiments in an effort to develop, optimize, improve HPLC purification and analysis methodologies
  • Implemented HPLC analysis of biomolecules from in vivo sources
  • Conducted in vitro studies to determine covalent interactions
  • Co-authored five published scientific papers based on statistical analysis in highly prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals
  • Presented original research at meetings of the American Chemical Society (1996-1998


  1. Nath, R.G., Ocando, J.E., and Chung F.-L. (1996). “Detection of 1,N2-Propanodeoxyguanosine Adducts as Potential Endogenous DNA Lesions in Rodent and Human Tissues.” Cancer Research, 56 452-456.
  2. Nath, R.G., Ocando, J.E., Richie, J.P. and Chung, F.-L. (1997). “Effect of Glutathione Depletion on Exocyclic Adduct Levels in the Liver DNA of F344 Rats.” Chemical Research in Toxicology, 10, 1250-1253.
  3. Nath, R.G., Ocando, J.E., Guttenplan, J.B. and Chung, F-L. (1998). “1,N2-Propanodeoxyguanosine Adducts: Potential New Biomarkers of Smoking Induced DNA Damage in Human Oral Tissue.” Cancer Research, 58, 581-584.
  4. Chung, F.-L., Zhang, L., Ocando, J.E., and Nath, R.G. (1999). “Role of 1,N2-Propanodeoxyguanosine Adducts as Endogenous DNA Lesions in Rodents and Humans.” Exocyclic DNA Adducts in Mutagenesis and Carcinogenesis: IARC Scientific Publications No.150. International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, France.
  5. Chung, F.-L., Nath, R.G., Ocando, J.E., Nishikawa, A. and Zhang, L. (2000). “Deoxyguanosine Adducts of t-4-Hydroxy-2-nonenal Are Endogenous DNA Lesions in Rodents and Humans: Detection and Potential Sources.” Cancer Research, 60, 1507-1511.


    • iSixSigma Network iSixSigma Network

  • Six Sigma Certified Practitioners Six Sigma Certified Practitioners
  • American Chemical Society American Chemical Society
  • ex-Pfizer Employee (%7e7000 members) ex-Pfizer Employee (~7000 members)
  • Teach For America Alumni Teach For America Alumni
  • Teach For America Career Mentors and Advisees Teach For America Career Mentors and Advisees
  • NYU CAS Alumni NYU CAS Alumni
  • NYU GSAS Alumni NYU GSAS Alumni

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