Pedagogical Research at Queensborough

Pedagogical Research Challenge Awards--a program to support research projects on community college pedagogy.    

The program calls for studies of various interventions that can impact student learning outcomes. It is expected that these awards will stimulate future research projects and grant proposals that will enhance our capacity to study this important aspect of higher education.

*** The following projects were funded:

2015 - 2016 Projects funded

Puri, Karan Mohan (Math & Computer Science),  Bruzewicz, Derek Andrew (Chemistry),  
Hemraj-Benny, Tirandai (Chemistry)

          “The Impact of a Pre-Semester Contextualized Mathematics Workshop on Student Confidence and           Success in the First-Semester General Chemistry”

 Honey, Larisa (Anthropology),  Danzi-Engoron, Sara (Biology). 

           “Multicultural Lab: An Interactive Module on Ancestral Origins, Race and mitochondrial DNA”

 Maloy, Jennifer (Academic Literacy),  Nikoui-Tehrani, Mohamad Mazyar (Academic Literacy). 

          “The Effects of Single-Sex Tutoring Sessions on ESL Writing Students”


2014 - 2015 Projects funded

Carolyn King (Math & Computer Science),  Megan Elias (History),  Jonathan Cornick (Math & Computer Science) .

          “Simultaneous support for quantitative reasoning and historical thinking across the disciplines in un-linked math and history courses”

 Nina Sarkar (Business),  Wendy Ford (Business),  Christina Manzo (Business)  

          "To Flip or not to Flip: Testing the effectiveness of Flipped classes vs. Traditional classes"

 Mangala Tawde (Biology),  Dona Boccio (Math & Computer Science Chemistry),  Kevin Kolack (Math & Computer Science Chemistry)

          "Resolving misconceptions in Gateway STEM courses through student reflections"


2013 - 2014 Projects funded

Wenli Guo (Physics), Weier Ye (Academic Literacy)

          “A Co-teaching Interdisciplinary Approach to Student Learning: Enhancing Conceptual Understanding of Physics via Summarizing Strategies” 

 Kimberly Banks (English)

          "Using Collaborative Learning Techniques to Design More Effective Peer Review in the Generation and Revision Stages of Writing"

 Sunil Dehipawala (Physics), Vazgen Shekoyan (Physics),  Haishen Yao  (Math)

          "The Impact of Mathematics Facilitation in Physics Courses" 


2012 - 2013 Funded Projects

Rose-Marie Aikas  (Social Sciences); Elizabeth DiGiorgio (Art & Design); Isabella Lizzul (HPED)
Sebastian Murolo (Business); Marcia Morrison (Social Sciences); Lana Zinger (HPED)

           " Developing Interdisciplinary Instruments for critical reflection"            

Wei Lai (Foreign Lang.); Maan Lin (Foreign Lang.)

           "Computer-Assisted Language Learning: Enhancing character recognition and reading comprehension in Elementary Chinese" 

Aaron Slodounik (Art & Design); Andrea Salis (HPED); Beth Counihan (English)

          "Analytical Writing in the Community College Classroom: An Interdisciplinary Study of the Effectiveness of Self-Regulated Strategy Instruction"


 2011 - 2012 Funded Projects

 G. Michael Guy (Math & Computer Science);   Jonathan Cornick (Math & Computer Science)

          "More than Math: Cultivating Learning-Centered Classroom Communities"

 Tirandai H-Benny (Chemistry)

          "Teaching Chemistry to Community College Non-Science Majors by Active Learning Methods Utilizing Art Related Topics"

Amy Traver (Social Sciences);   Edward Volchok (Business)

          "What are the Mediating Variables and Retention Effects of Community College Students’ Perceptions of Community in Blended Courses?"


2010 - 2011 Funded Projects

 UrszulaGoleblewska (Biology); Cary Lane (BasicSkills)

          "Learning Impacts of Effective Note-Taking in Biological Sciences"          

 Lorraine Cupelli (Nursing); Sharon Ellerton (Biology)
Arlene Kemmerer (Basic Skills); JosephinePantaleo (Basic Skills) 

          "Scaffolding Peer Mentoring Across the Curriculum" 

 Anita Ferdenzi(Social Science);Sandra Peskin  (Mathematics); Vazgen Shekoyan  (Physics) 

          "An Interdisciplinary Investigation of the Effects of Constructivist Pedagogy in a Physics/Education Learning Community Class: Physics Achievement, Metacognitive Awareness, Anxiety and Self-Efficacy in Math and Science "


 2009 - 2010 Funded Projects

 Shele Bannon (Business Department)

          “Case Studies & Critical Thinking in Introductory Business Courses.” 

Tina Bayer (Nursing), Utszula Golebiewska (Department of Biology), and Richard Pollak (Department of Biology)

          "A Collaborative Partnership between the Departments of Nursing and Biology to examine the pedagogical benefits of Classroom Response Systems (Clickers)" 

Patricia M. Burke (Nursing),Cheryl Spencer (Nursing), and Patricia Facquet (Nursing)

          “The Effects of Simulation on the Education of Nursing Students.”

Beth Counihan (English Department) and Lauren Most (CUNY Language Immersion program)

          “The ESOL Literacy Narrative Storytelling Project.”

 Barbara Elias (Basic Skills Department)

          “Does Explicit Grammar instruction Improve Student Writing?”

 Joanne Snider (Business Department)

          “Project Based learning for Business Students Creation of a Business Plan as a Learning Device.”

Liisa Yonker (Speech Communication), GeorginaColalillo (Nursing), and Barbara Blake-Campbell (Nursing) 

           “Enhancing Communication Skills Using Patient Actors in Simulation Scenarios.” 


2008 - 2009 Funded Projects

 Andrew Nguyen, Biology and Mangala Tawde, Biology

           "Web-based Tutorial Support for Academic Success in Anatomy and Physiology." 

 Angela Poulakidas, Business, and Matthew Taylor, Psychology 

         "The Effect of Quiz Timing and Levels of Exam Question Exposure on Exam Scores."  

 Andrea Salis, Health, Physical Education and Dance

          "The Effects of Physical Activity on Recall and Learning." 

 Margot Edlin, BES, Anita Ferdenzi, Education and Ann Liao, Speech Communication

          "The Effects of Students Perceived Self-efficacy on Persistence and GPA."