Developing your Teaching/Professional e-Portfolio

CETL seeks proposals from faculty and staff (HEOs) interested in participating in an interactive three-day summer institute comprised of hands-on activities, guest presentations, and reflections. By going through the process of e-portfolio development, participants will gain an insight into the value of e-portfolios in teaching, learning, and assessment.

Faculty members can utilize e-portfolios in representing their work as an instructor/scholar for professional purposes such as: applying for grants and fellowships, sharing teaching/ learning models with colleagues, and creating interdisciplinary collaborations.


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Workshop Series for the June 2014 Sessions

Join us this week from 10am to 2pm; Lunch will be provided

June 2nd: Session 1: Introduction of ePortfolio to Faculty. Building your Teaching e-portfolio.

June 3rd: Session 2: Building your professional e-Portfolio--Hands-on session

June 4th: Session 3: Utilizing e-Portfolio for making connections; Presentations and wrap up

What is a Course Portfolio:

  • A course portfolio is a means of documenting the intellectual work of teaching a particular course
  • It is a comprehensive and efficient way to document and share the execution of a course, including student learning

Types of Teaching/Professional ePortfolios:

  • Professional e-portfolio offers a sampling of teaching practices, professional growth, and achievements. It is similar in function to an artist's portfolio which includes descriptions, documents, and various forms of evidence.
  • Teaching e-Portfolio provides faculty with opportunities to articulate, illustrate and reflect on one's teaching philosophy and the relationship between course goals, assignments and evidence of student learning.
  • Course e-Portfolio contains documentation of and reflection on the goals and design of a course and the teaching and learning that happens in that course.
  • Teaching/Professional (combined) e-portfolio can help convey one’s work to appropriate audiences (such as review committees for faculty awards, etc.)

Examples of Course Portfolio
From CASTL Higher Education gallery

The sites in this collection include web based portfolios on the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) projects. They display the inquiry, processes, and reflections of faculty from various disciplines. The examples reveal some unique ways of representing individual faculty investigations of teaching, collaborative inquiry, and disciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching and learning.

Books on professional e-portfolios