Social Pedagogies

The interdisciplinary field of social pedagogy is developing and evolving constantly, seeking strong connection between, and unity of, theory and practice.

Resources for Faculty

Social Pedagogy Module (download pdf version)


Précis or Brief Description of Practice:  Approx. 2 summary paragraphs, including at least 1-2 sentences identifying how it utilizes integrative social pedagogy. 


Author:  Is there a person or a set of people who should be named and credited with the authoring of this practice?  If so, please identify.


Full Description of Practice:  Please provide a thorough description of your practice:  What happens?  What is the setting?  What do faculty and/or staff do?  What do students do? What are the step-by-step activities in this practice? 


In your description, please discus the ways in which this practice employs a social pedagogy and ePortfolio to advance integrative understandings.  Please consider these questions:


  • What kinds of knowledge and understanding does this practice seek to help students construct?   Please be specific.  In what ways are these understandings integrative (as defined above)?
  • How does the practice design the communication of understanding?  What are the students communicating? How does it employ or draw on the ePortfolio?
  • What audiences are involved?  How does the nature of this audience shape students’ communication?  What kind of interaction is involved?  How does the social interaction (communication, exchange, sharing, audience, different perspectives) seek to change or deepen students’ understandings?
  • Reflection:  How does the practice involve reflection?  What reflective prompts or processes are employed?  What aspect(s) of the Rodgers/Dewey reflective framework does this practice engage?
  • Inquiry: In what ways does this practice involve inquiry?   To what extent does it help students examine themselves as learners?  To value their own lives and experiences in their learning?


Where is this practice used? Check boxes (check all that apply)

  • Individual Class
  • Course (all sections)
  • Program
    • Basic Skills Departments/Programs
    • General Education Departments/Programs
    • Academic Majors
    • Professional Majors
    • First Year Programs
    • Internships/Experiential Learning
    • Learning Communities
    • Capstone Experiences
    • Other High Impact Practices
  • Institution-wide

 If explanation is not included in your thorough description (above), please briefly explain your choice(es). Where does the practice take place (one course or set of courses; which program, department or major; what type of learning environment)?  If the practice takes place outside the classroom, please explain.