Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

SOTL involves taking a scholarly approach to teaching just as we would to any other area of knowledge-making. These bi-monthly sessions familiarize participants with the purpose and influence of this burgeoning field and prepare them for success in presenting and publishing their own scholarship related to teaching and learning.

The Facilitator of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Program at QCC strengthens our faculty's teaching and scholarship methods so that they can enhance their effectiveness with students and improve students' success.



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Workshop Dates will be announced:

Session 1: Reflective teaching: The series will begin with a reflection on your own teaching.

Session 2: Holding up the mirror:  What does my reflection show me about my research interests?

Session 3: What do they call what I’m doing?: Identifying key terms in my area(s) of interests.

Session 4: How can I join the conversation?: Getting in current teaching and learning discussions.

Session 5: Starting out small: Writing and submitting an abstract to a conference or journal.

What is SoTL?

It is the -

  • Reflecting on student learning [and on teaching] in order to improve courses and programs
  • Sharing reflections with community of educators
  • Using evidence-gathering and documentation strategies to make student learning visible

SoTL is important to me as a teacher because…

  • Helps me better achieve my goals for students' learning
    • Makes accessible others' solutions to common teaching/learning problems
  • Situates me in a community of other teachers
    • Provides an audience of like-minded colleagues engaged in the specific, disciplinary work I do

Why is it important?

    • To me as a scholar
      • Helps me work toward tenure even if and when much of my time is focused on teaching
        • Conference presentations about teaching
        • Scholarly articles about teaching

CETL Research and Publishing page

  • To me as a colleague
    • Helps me connect with others who have similar interests
      • Cohort groups on campus (cf CETL SoTL workshop)
      • Networking at CUNY, local, and national conferences

        CUE Conference 2014


Where’s the Evidence: Designing and Carrying Out a Pedagogical Research Study

Guest Presenter:

Dr. Jacqueline Dewar,  SoTL Author and Scholar- Wed, April 9, 2014 (12:10 PM-2:00 PM)


Three Steps to Publishing SoTL: Recommendations From an Editor

Guest Presenter:  Dr. Milton D. Cox

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal on Excellence in College Teaching and the Learning Communities Journal.

Friday 4/25/14 (12:00 pm -2:00 pm LB 14)


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