CETL Faculty Inquiry Group-FIG

CETL Faculty Inquiry Group (FIG)

"Publishing Your Pedagogical Project" (2013-14 academic year).

The series includes QCC faculty already engaged in campus-based pedagogical research. The objective of the series is to encourage cross-disciplinary questions, research writing, and collaboration in pedagogical research and publication. During the Fall 2013 semester, the sessions focused on the levels at which which faculty's pedagogical research is constructed, understood, disseminated, and made effective. The purpose is to inspire faculty in finding a greater context for their work. During spring 2014, the focus is on wiriting, reviewing, and submitting pedagogical research articles. Some sessions will be devoted to discussing the process, challenges, etc.

The following events were organized during Fall 2013:

"How can our classroom work have an impact on community college pedagogy?" (Oct 2, 2013).  More

"Campus-Based Partnerships: Using Institutional Research Data to identify pedagogical trends, projects, and questions" (Oct 23, 2013). More

"What are the larger pedagogical questions being asked across CUNY?" (Nov 20, 2013). More

The following events were organized during Spring 2014:

"Where's the Evidence Designing and Carrying out a Pedagogical Research Study" (April 9, 2014).  More

"Three Steps to Publishing SoTL: Recommendations from an Editor" (April 25, 2014).  More