Nathan Cyrille - CSTEP Student Profile

Name: Nathan Cyrille

Major: Biology

QCC Graduation Date: Winter 2013

CSTEP Student Since:  2/2012

Significant Academic Accomplishments: CSTEP Club Member. Volunteered for Alley Pond Parks Arbor Day sponsored by the CSTEP club. Dean's List. Best Attendance Receipent from the CSTEP Club. Received several medals for my performance in Track and Field and Cross Country Events.  Recepient of the ''Most Improved Athelete of the Year'' Award.

Career & Academic  Goals: My plan is to study the natural enviornment and the effects of human activities on them and vice versa and to determine some of the consequences of such interaction.  I am also intersted in sutdying different life forms and what makes them distinct and favored for the survival for their population and the possible impacts that humans have on them.  I am also interested in cellular Biology, microbiology and biochemistry.

My academic goals after I graduate from QCC is to attend a 4-year college.  Possibly Queens College to further my education and earn a Bachelor's Degree.  Then after, I will go on to earn a Master's Degree and engage in activities that put me closer to my career goals. 

Thoughts about CSTEP:   It has been a great and important experience being a member of the CSTEP club.  In the workshops, I have learned some things I wouldn't have learned in class.   I have participated in opportunities to volunteer in the community that was provided to me by the program which aslo helped me to broaden my mind.  I feel prepared for my future career.

G.P.A.: 3.17