Kaung Myat San- CSTEP Student Profile

Name: Kaung Myat San

Current Major: BioTechnology

Anticipated Graduation Date:  Graduated Summer 2013

What has your experience been like being a CSTEP student in the CSTEP program?

By being a CSTEP student, I have been able to get so many opportunities such as internship placement, presentation and conference that I need to have experience for my future career.

What are your career goals after you graduated from QCC?

I want to do research. Also go to vet school and be a vet.  I want to have a wild life reserve for endangered animals.

What are your academic goals after you graduate from QCC?

Get my BA and Masters in BioTechnology.  Then go to Vet School Also, participate in research


Animal Care & Control Shelter (Manhattan & Brooklyn) (2011-Current) 2 Presentations at Honors Conference at QCC.