Dravida Mahadeo-Jaideo- CSTEP Student Profile

Student Name: Dravida Mahadeo-Jaideo

Current Major: Nursing

Anticipated Graduation Date: 2016

What has your experience been like being a CSTEP student in the CSTEP program?

CSTEP is an amazing program that has provided me with numerous opportunities.  It has helped me through workshops, and meeting new individuals that have become like mentors to me; CSTEP has great advisors whom have helped me realize some great opportunities out there.

What are your career goals after you graduated from QCC?

I am continuing a nursing degree from QCC.

What are your academic goals after you graduate from QCC?

My goals is to be an exceptional nurse and to pursue a B.A. and Masters degree in nursing

Please write below any highlights in you academic career, for example any research, volunteer work or award that you participated in or won?

I tutored students in Anatomy and Physiology and Psychology. I qualified for two honors society and was asked to join A&P Honors.