Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree in Geology

Suggested Sequence for students planning to continue study in a Geology Program

The following sequence is suggested for students interested in studying Geology. The breakdown of courses by semester serves as a guide only. Students are urged to consult their academic advisers as soon as possible after enrolling at the College to prepare a program of study suited to their interests and goals. A minimum of 60 credits is required for the A.S. Liberal Arts and Sciences (Mathematics and Science) degree.**

Semester 1
English Composition I (EN-101) 3
Mathematics (MA-440 or 441, depending on placement test scores) 4
Historical Geology (GE-102) or Physical Geology (GE-101) 4
General Chemistry I (CH-151) 4 1/2
Sub-total 15 1/2
Semester 2
English Composition II (EN-102) 3
Mathematics (MA-441 or 442) 4

Historical Geology (GE-102) or Physical Geology (GE-101)

General Chemistry II (CH-152) 4 1/2
Sub-total 15 1/2
Semester 3
Fundamentals of Speech (SP-211) 3
History (HI-110, 111, or 112) 3
Foreign Language 3-4
Health Education (HE-101 or 102) 1-2
Physical Education or Dance 1
Advised concentration course‡ 4
Sub-total 15-17
Semester 4
Social Sciences 3
Liberal Arts and Sciences elective, or
Foreign Languages (depending on high school units)
Advised concentration course‡ 6-8
Free elective** 2
Sub-total 14-17

†Advised concentration courses and electives will be chosen according to the student's special interests and intended senior college, and should be selected with Departmental guidance. Suitable courses include the following:

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