Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree for Biology

Suggested Sequence for students planning to continue study in a Biology Program

Students planning to major in Biology who wish to pursue careers in such fields as Microbiology, Genetics, Forestry, Environmental Science, etc., for research and/or teaching, are advised to complete the following (or similar) sequence before transferring to a senior college to complete a baccalaureate degree. This is a suggested sequence only, and the breakdown of courses by semester serves only as a guide and need not be followed exactly. The student planning to major in Biology should consult with the Department as soon as possible to be assigned a faculty adviser. Students can also find information and a suggested sequence of courses for the QCC/York College Dual/Joint A.S. to B.S. Degree Program here.

Semester 1
English Composition I (EN-101) 3
Mathematics (MA-440 or 441, depending on placement test scores) 4
General Biology I (BI-201) 4
General Chemistry I (CH-151) 4 1/2
Sub-total 15 1/2
Semester 2
English Composition II (EN-102) . 3
Mathematics (MA-441 or 442) 4


General Chemistry II (CH-152) 4 1/2
Sub-total 15 1/2
Semester 3
Speech Communcaition (SP-211) 3
History (HI-110, 111, or 112) 3
Foreign Language (depending on high school units) 3-4
Health Education (HE-101 or 102) 1-2
Physical Education or Dance 1
Concentration course‡ 4
Sub-total 15-17
Semester 4
Social Sciences 3
Liberal arts and sciences elective‡* or
Foreign Languages (depending on high school units)
Concentration course 6-8
Free elective* 2
Sub-total 14-17

*See section on Understanding Program Requirements.

†Concentration courses and electives will depend upon the student's special interests and intended senior college, and should be chosen with departmental guidance. Suitable courses include:

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