Basic Educational Skills Prep Classes Info

The BSLC's Reading and Writing Review Classes are our students' chance to put their skills to the test, with the help of both their tutors and their peers.

After hours of classroom instruction, our review classes give students the chance to practice for the ACT Reading and/or CATW Examination using materials similar to those used on the actual tests.

Students preparing for the ACT Reading Exam take practice test-taking skills and strategies to help sharpen comprehension and critical thinking skills.

Students preparing for the CATW Exam are guided through the criteria required for a passing essay. What's unique about the review classes is that they allow for students to work together in groups. Students share their newfound knowledge with each other, offering everything from grammatical tips to stylistic criticism.

Review classes are held throughout the semester. If you're interested in joining a review class, come by the BSLC and sign up for a review class that fits your schedule.

ACT Reading Review Schedule
Spring 2012 » PDF

CATW Writing Review Schedule
Spring 2012 » PDF