Computer Lab - Basic Educational Skills

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What if you were given the chance to apply your reading and writing skills in a high-tech computer lab? Would that help you gain the mastery of those skills you need to succeed in college?

In the Basic Skills Computer Lab, you have exactly that opportunity.

The objective of the lab is to improve the reading and writing skills of Basic Educational Skills (BES) students through weekly participation in computer-assisted language arts activities. Aside from working with educational software and the Internet, students also work with word processing software, simultaneously developing writing and typing skills.

The lab, which is located in Humanities-239, consists of 90 computer stations. Each computer features a full-time Internet hookup as well as a wide range of proven educational software to help students build their reading and writing skills. In addition, the BSLC Computer Lab has three laser printers so students can print out their completed writing assignments. Even if a student doesn’t have a computer at home, the BSLC Lab has everything he or she needs, both to complete required coursework and to practice on his or her own.

Presently, writing students (students enrolled in BE 111, 201, 203, or 205) attend the Lab on a weekly basis as unscheduled walk-ins in order to complete the twelve hours of lab time required by each course. Writing instructors prescribe both class and individual assignments for the students to work on independently. Each student works at his or her own pace, reinforcing his or her existing writing skills.  Visit the CUNY Writesite at .

Reading students (those enrolled in BE 121, 122, 225, or 226) attend the lab with their respective instructors for Recitation periods. In a Recitation session, the instructor can teach an entire class, a selected group, or an individual student, using the computers. It is during these sessions that the combined use of educational multimedia technology and the Internet is maximized. The instructor may have students read or summarize given material, or conduct research on the World Wide Web. In reading Recitations, Basic Skills students improve comprehension, study skills, and critical thinking abilities while developing their vocabularies. Students preparing to take the ACT Reading and/or Writing Exam at the end of their course can prepare by using purpose-designed software.

With its modern technology and talented staff, the Basic Skills Computer Lab offers BES students even more support to succeed.