Queensborough Academy

Each Academy will have at least one Faculty Coordinator (based upon student enrollment) who is the principal academic liaison, fulfilling a number of important roles. The Faculty Coordinator’s primary responsibility is to collaborate and communicate with Department Chairs, faculty, Student Affairs, Academy Advisers and students regarding High Impact Practices, faculty teaching/learning initiatives, academic advisement and course registration.

Academies Contact List

Dr. Kathleen E. Landy
Director, CETL (Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning) | L 315 x5082

Dr. Andrea Salis
Faculty Fellow for Academic Affairs, Assistant Professor, Health, Physical Education & Dance | L 316 x5146

Academic Program Manager for High Impact Practices
Ms. Susan Madera  | L 316A x5289

Principal Investigator for the Academy Assessment Protocol
Dr. Victor Fichera  | A 302 x6643

Director of Policy Analysis for General Education and Student Learning Outcomes 
Dr. Ian Beckford  | A 206 x2161

Faculty Coordinators

Business Academy
Ms. Linda Meltzer, Assistant Professor, Business | A 405 x5487
Dr. Cheryl Tokke, Assistant Professor, Business | A 405 x5423

Health Related Sciences Academy
Ms. Alexandra Tarasko, Professor, Nursing | M 322 x6085

Liberal Arts Academy
Dr. Rose-Marie Äikäs, Assistant Professor, Social Sciences | M 120 x5176
Dr. Maan (Jenny) Lin, Associate Professor, Foreign Languages & Literature | H 220 x5457
Dr. Amy Traver, Associate Professor, Social Sciences | M 121 x5319
Mr. David Rothman, Lecturer, Academic Literacy | H 324 x 5216
Dr. Agnieszka Tuszynska, Assistant Professor, English | H 428 x 6302

Science, Technologies, Engineering & Mathematics Academy (STEM)
Dr. Moni Chauhan, Professor, Chemistry | S 443 x5573
Mr. Danny Mangra, Associate Professor, Engineering Technology | T 9 x5714

Visual and Performing Arts Academy (VAPA)
Mr. Arthur Adair, Assistant Professor, Speech Communication and Theatre Arts | H 125 x5637

High Impact Practices Coordinators

Academic Service Learning
Dr. Sharon Ellerton, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences and Geology | M 422 x6627

Collaborative Assignments and Projects
Dr. Kathleen Wentrack, Associate Professor, Art and Design | C 106 x5788
Ms. Alisa Cercone, Lecturer, English | H 428 x5209

Common Intellectual Experiences
Ms. Susan Madera, Academic Program Manager for High Impact Practices | L 316A x5289
Dr. Robin Ford, Assistant Professor, English  | H 416 x5392

Diversity/Global Learning
Dr. Meg Tarafdar, Assistant Professor, English | H 428 x5311

Undergraduate Research
Dr. Sharon Lall-Ramnarine, Professor, Chemistry | S 442 x5572

Writing Intensive
Dr. Robert Becker, Professor, English | H 419 x5421
Dr. Johannes Burgers, Assistant Professor, English | H 455 x6010

WI Online
Dr. Jeffery Jankowski, Associate Professor, Social Sciences | M 124 x5719

Academy Advisement Center Locations and Telephone Numbers:

Business Academy Advisement Center A 405A x6376
Health Related Sciences Academy Advisement Center M 326 x5139
Liberal Arts Academy Advisement Center L 434 x6329
Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics Academy
    (STEM) Advisement Center
S 124 x5340
Visual and Performing Arts Academy (VAPA) Advisement Center H 337 x5190