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Queensborough Academy
The VAPA Academy provides the highest quality artistic and technical education combined with scholarly research across disciplines.

Photography Certificate Program

This certificate program in Photography provides students with a knowledge of the basic technological aspects of photography, and with the broad-based hands-on experience needed for specialization in any area of commercial or fine art photography. Some advanced courses employ computer imaging and printing, as well as traditional wet darkroom technologies.

For students who must work while they pursue college studies, the program offers an opportunity to maintain a competitive position in the job market while acquiring new and advanced skills. Students who complete the program may apply their credits toward an Associate degree or a Bachelor's degree in The City University of New York.

Please Note:

General Education Core Requirements Credits
EN-101 English Composition I 3
--- Liberal Arts and Sciences electives 3
Subtotal 6
Requirements for the Major
AR-121 Two-Dimensional Design 3
AR-148 Color Theory 3
AR-317 History of Photography 3
AR-461 Introduction to Photography 2
AR-462 or
Advanced Photographic Skills or
Digital Photography
The courses below must be selected in consultation with the Director of the Photography Certificate Program or a Department of Art and Design adviser:  
One course from the following list is required: 3
AR-310 or
AR-312 or
AR-315 or
AR-316 or
Introductory Survey of Art or
Renaissance to Modern Art or
Modern Art or
American Art or
Contemporary Art
Two courses from the following list are required: 4
Large Format and Studio Photography
Photography as Fine Art
Color Photography
Electronic Imaging
Two courses from the following list are required: 4
Creating the Documentary Image
Photographing People
Illustration and Fashion Photography
Subtotal 24
Total Credits Required 30