Visual And Performing Arts Academy

Queensborough Academy
The VAPA Academy provides the highest quality artistic and technical education combined with scholarly research across disciplines.

Visual and Performing Arts - Associate in Science degree (AS)

Concentrations in Art and Design • Art History • Dance • Music • Theatre Arts

This curriculum is designed for students who wish to specialize in an area of the fine or performing arts: Art and Design, Art History, Dance, Music, Theatre Arts.

PLEASE NOTE: Students choosing either option are urged to consult with the faculty of the department or departments in which they are interested to receive guidance and information in the development of their programs.

The Mission of the Visual and Performing Art program is to provide an environment and an opportunity for students to pursue the steady development of skills in the creative arts; to support students in developing their creative and abstract vision, self-discipline, and in gaining critical thinking skills through writing and the collaborative discussion of the arts; to value striving for growth towards excellence and the perfection of expression; to develop an understanding of self, an appreciation of diversity, and a fierce curiosity about the world. (Revised 8/2014)

Advisor Notes: Art History | Advisor Notes: Theatre | Advisor Notes: Visual Arts

General Education - Common Core Credits
REQUIRED CORE: I. A: English Composition I, II 6
REQUIRED CORE: I. B: Mathematical & Quantitative Reasoning (Select one course from I.B) 3
REQUIRED CORE: I. C: Life & Physical Sciences (Select one course from I.C) 3
FLEXIBLE CORE: II. A: World Cultures & Global Issues (Select one course from II.A) 3
FLEXIBLE CORE: II. B: U.S. Experience in Its Diversity (Select one course from II.B) 3
FLEXIBLE CORE: II. C: Creative Expression (Select one course from II.C)
Recommended: select from area different from concentration
FLEXIBLE CORE: II. D: Individual & Society (Select one course from II.D) 3
FLEXIBLE CORE: II. E: Scientific World (Select one course from II.E) 3
FLEXIBLE CORE: II: A, B, C, D or E (Select one additional course from any one of the flexible core categories) Recommended: select course from II.C, Creative Expression, in concentration discipline (ARTS-300 series or DAN-111 or MU-110 or MU-120 or SP-471 or SP-472 or TH-111) 3
Subtotal 30
Speech Communication (SP-211) (if taken in the Common Core; recommended: Foreign Language course OR HI-110, 111, or 112 OR a Social Sciences course) 3
Health Education (HE-101 or HE-102) 1-2
One course in Physical Education or Dance from the PE-400 or 500 series or DAN-100 series 1
Major elective: science laboratory (students who take STEM variant in I.C. have met this requirement): Applicable courses include BI-132, BI-171; CH-102, CH-111, CH-121; ET-842; PH-112. 1
Subtotal 27-30
Free electives 0-3
Subtotal 0-3
All students must complete two (2) WI designated classes to fulfill degree requirements.