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Architectural Technology - Associate in Applied Science degree (AAS)

Common core category Course no. Course title Credits
Common core requirements
REQUIRED I.A EN 101 English Composition I 3
  EN 102 English Composition II 3
REQUIRED I.B MA 114 College Algebra and Trigonometry for Technical Students* 4
REQUIRED I.C PH 201 General Physics I 4
FLEXIBLE II.A/II.B/II.D/II.E History or Social Science (2 courses) 6
Subtotal 20
Major requirements
TECH-100 Intro to Engineering & Technology (formerly MT 100) 1
ARCH-125 Surveying & Site Planning (formerly MT 219) 3
ARCH-119 Visualization I (formerly MT-111) 2
ARCH-113 Building Technology I (formerly MT-124) 3
ARCH-129 Visualization II (formerly MT-212) 2
MT-341 Applied Mechanics 3
MT-345 Strength of Materials 3
ARCH-237 Environmental Systems (formerly MT 453) 3
ARCH-123 Building Technology II (formerly MT 484) 3
Subtotal 23
Students choose Track 1 or Track 2
Track 1: Architectural Design
ARCH-111 Architectural Design I (formerly MT 481) 3
ARCH-248 Structures I (formerly MT 482) 3
ARCH-121 Architectural Design II (formerly MT-369) 4
ARCH-231 Architectural Design III (formerly MT 488) 4
ARCH-241 Adv. Architectural Modeling (formerly MT 489) 3
Subtotal 17
Track 2: Construction Management
CONM-111 Construction Design 4
CONM-248 Soils, Foundations & Structures 3
MECH-246 Fluid Mechanics (formerly MT 522) 3
MA-128 Calculus for Technical and Business Students 4
CONM-241 Construction Cost Analysis 3
Subtotal 17
Major subtotal 60
Total Credits Required for the A.A.S. 60

*Pending NYSED Approval

*Students may substitute MA 440 or MA 441 for MA 114. Students planning to pursue a BS Arch/M. Arch or B. Arch. should take PH 201 and MA 441.
All students must complete two (2) WI designated classes to fulfill degree requirements.