Resources for Adult Literacy Program Teachers


We Are New York Website:

CUNY Adult Literacy Website
(Contact Kitty Bateman for login and password)

CUNY Language Immersion Website
(Contact Kitty Bateman for Login and password)

CUNY Adult Literacy Teacher Shares Wiki
(Find all ESL Night handouts on the Teacher Shares Wiki!) – email Moira/Hillary to get access (CUNY Only). Here you will find “We are New York” lesson plans, research articles, and resources for pronunciation strategies and independent reading.

CUNY College Going Information Wiki – email Moira/Hillary to get access (CUNY only).

City College Adult Learning Center Wiki – open to all.

X-Word Grammar Wiki – open to all

Adult Literacy Education Website – open to all

Tenement Museum – Contact Pedro Garcia, Education Associate for Training and Outreach:

Lesson Plans – Teacher resources for ESL – Teacher and student resources for ESL – Teaching plans – (Lesson plans about the NY Times for teachers of high intermediate to advanced ESL students.)

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