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Looking For Something To Do This Summer??

New York City is full of wonderful museums and galleries that can expand your horizons and give you opportunities to use and improve your English speaking skills. The following link details "Free Admission and Discounted Admission at New York City Museums."

(Vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar)

(Look up specific words for definition, synonyms and usage)

(good conversation questions)

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(Grammar, speaking and reading English)

(Beginning, intermediate and advanced level resources)

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(ESL Worksheets)

(You can listen with Real Media)

(Puzzles, games and quizzes to test your skills)

(American Slang)

(Practice vocabulary, grammar and skills)


(An online encyclopedia.  Not all information is verified.)

(Wikipedia in simple language)

(News and current events in simple language.)

(Intermediate through advanced short movies followed by quizzes.)

(High intermediate through advanced)

(News, interactive media, video tapes)

(Intermediate through advanced – stories related to specific ethnic groups)

(very brief biographies of famous people and historical figures)

(career exploration, job seeking)


(Child Health Plus – low cost health insurance from New York State)

(Health portal providing web site referrals)

(Parenting information and news)

(Health information from the US National Library of Medicine)

(NYC’s Health and Hospital Corporation – Hospitals, physicians, and insurance information)


(New York City’s Official website)

(New York Public Interest Research Group)

(Immigrant lives in NYC)

(About the environment)

(Environmental issues)

(Create your own comics by Bill Zimmerman.)


US Citizenship Test Study Guide

Free Legal Immigration Advice
Main Street Legal Services offers free legal immigration advice.
Call 718.340.4162 or 718.340.4162 to make an appointment.


Register to vote:


New York City Board of Elections


Queensborough Community College Gallery

The Rubin Museum of Art

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