Faculty Biography - Nancy-Laurel Pettersen

image of Nancy-Laurel Pettersen, Assistant Professor, College Now Liaison


B.A., College of Wooster, Wooster Ohio
M.Ed., University of North Florida, Jacksonville Florida
Ph.D., Emory University, Atlanta Georgia


Post-doctoral research grant from Educational Testing Service
Prison Literature curriculum grants fro Trinity Grants Foundation

One-Two Sentences about yourself:

My two most unusual experiences as an educator have been:

• As the author of “Dear Study Lady,” first published in the Emory University student newspaper, I became known as “the world’s one and only study skills advice columnist,” and “the Ann Landers of Academia.”
• I taught for three years at Sing Sing in a college program that was initiated and primarily taught by a group of inmates who had earned their master’s degrees while incarcerated and were determined not to let college education die despite the elimination of state funding.

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