Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the Academic Literacy Learning Center?

Answer: The Academic Literacy Learning Center, ALLC for short, is a place where college students come together to build their reading and writing skills with the help of skilled tutors.

Q: Who can use the ALLC?
A: Any student who is registered in an Academic Literacy class can attend.

Q: When is the Learning Center open?
A: Monday through Thursday 9AM to 5PM and Friday 9AM to 2PM
    Evening hours by appointment.

Q: Is there a fee for tutoring?
A: Not at all! The Learning Center provides tutoring absolutely free of charge.

Q: How many hours of support can each student receive?
A: Usually, students receive one hour of support for each Academic Literacy course they take.

Q: Who are the tutors?
A: While our tutors come from diverse educational backgrounds, each has attended a tutor training program, and is completely trustworthy.