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 Publisher and Year


BE 121

The House on Mango Street

S. Cisneros

Vintage Contemporaries, 1984

My students seem to like this novel the best, but the other two are also good for developing the skills my students need.

Of  Mice and Men

Steinbeck Penguin Group, 1994  
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Barbara Robinson Harper Collins, 1972  

BE 122

American 24KT Short Stories

Y.C. Sisko,

Pearson Longman


Raisin  In The Sun  (drama) L. Hansberry Vintage Books

Thematically relevant and quite effective with native speaker sections; while it focuses on the African-American dream, Hansberry’s play transcends the issue of race and speaks to all


The Secret Life of Bees     My students enjoyed it!

BE 225



Fleischman &

Joanna Colter Books

Simple language; very short.  Each chapter is an excellent character study of people of diverse background.  There’s much in this small volume that can involve students in the reading.

Tuesdays with Morrie Mitch Albom Random House, 1997 A wonderful novel. Students love it.

Greatest Stories of Suspense & Adventure

B. Johnson & B. Solof, Ed.

Townsend Press


The Color of Water McBride Riverhead Books  

BE 226


The Color of Water


The Berkley Publishing 

Students had some difficulty with this book because they lacked the background knowledge about the history of American race relations that the author assumes readers will have. Overall, students enjoyed the book, however. The mother’s life story particularly engaged them.

Life of Pi Yann Martel Harcourt  

The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho

Harper Collins

Very popular novel (an “adult fable) that has been translated into many languages, so some students may have already read it in their native language.  Simple sentence structure and easy-to-follow plot line with spiritual content that is conducive to discussion and reflection.

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