Honors Contract Projects

Frequently Asked Questions – FOR STUDENTS

What Is An Honors Contract Project?

An Honors Contract Project is a special project that qualifying students can do to earn Honors credit in a non-Honors course section in which they are currently enrolled.

How Do I Earn Honors Credit With An Honors Contract Project?

If you pursue an Honors Contract Project, you can earn Honors credit for the total credit hours of the course for which you are doing the project. To earn Honors Credit, you must:

  • complete the Honors Contract Project by the deadline (near the end of the semester) and submit a form to the Office of Academic Affairs signed by your professor certifying that you have completed the project

  • earn a B-minus or better in the course

  • complete an Honors Library Workshop (NOTE: this is a one-hour research workshop that must be completed by Honors Contract students only once; it need not be repeated in future semesters even if you pursue another Honors Contract)

What Are Examples Of Honors Contract Projects?

Honors Contract Projects are designed to be flexible and appropriate to the discipline and subject of the Course for which they will be completed. Some examples are:

  • A scientific research experiment

  • An 8-10 page research paper

  • A creative writing project or personal essay

  • An original piece of art or choreography

  • A short, original piece of writing in a foreign language

  • A mathematical proof

  • A specialized experiential learning experience, such as participation in the Fed Challenge or Mock Trial team

  • A first-person interview

…And many, many more! The possibilities are really endless. They depend on your interest, energy, and creativity.

Can I Do More Than One Contract At Once?

You can do one Honors Contract for each class in which you are currently enrolled. However, we recommend that you only do one or two Honors Contract Projects at a time. Honors education is meant to be an opportunity for students to learn and achieve at an advanced level, but should not be a burden or a distraction from your core studies.

How Do I Decide What To Do For My Honors Contract?

Your Honors Contract Project should be initiated by you (the student), developed with the input of your professor, and approved by your professor and the Department Chair, as well as the Honors Committee. The best way to decide what to do is:

  • identify the course(s) for which you’d like to do an Honors Contract Project

  • review the course syllabus to see what your assignments, topics, and readings will be

  • identify at least one area of interest that is related to your course but also will allow you to explore the subject and/or demonstrate your learning in a way that goes above and beyond the course syllabus

  • schedule a one-on-one meeting with your professor to discuss the content, form, and structure of your Honors Project

What If My Professor Does Not Know About Honors Contracts?

Many professors have worked with the Honors Programs and mentored students with Honors Contracts, but some have never worked with the program before. If they have any questions at all, please have them contact Dr. Andrea Salis in the Office of Academic Affairs to learn more:asalis@qcc.cuny.edu or (718) 631-6344.

How Are Applications Evaluated? When Will I Know If Mine Is Approved?

After the submission deadline, the Honors Committee will score the applications with the Honors Contract Application Rubric. If an application is not approved, the Office of Academic Affairs will notify you and ask you to revise your application based on feedback from the Committee. Generally speaking, you should be notified of your status (APPROVED or REVISE) within one week of the application deadline.

What If I Sign Up For An Honors Contract But Am Unable To Complete It?

Honors Contract Projects are similar to extra credit assignments. Qualifying students can sign up for a contract, but there is no penalty if a student does not complete the Project. Simply let your professor and the Office of Academic Affairs know that you won’t be completing the project. Honors Contract Projects provide a chance for students to learn and achieve at an advanced level, but should not be a burden or a distraction from core studies.

When Are Honors Contracts Offered? Can I Do One Next Semester?

Honors Contracts are always offered in the Fall and Spring semesters of each academic year.

Honors Contract Application Deadline:

SPRING 2018: Tuesday, February 20, 2018, 5 p.m.

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