What Can I Do?

New Recepticles: Recycling on Campus. 

As part of Queensborough Community College's committment to Sustainability, the College has contracted with a private recycling vendor to aid in our efforts.  This new vendor has provided QCC with new receptacles, which you may have noticed are beginning to appear in buildings across campus. For more information on these new containers, please click here. (Note that while there are two types of containers -- one for bottles and cans, and the other for mixed paper and cardboard -- each one is clearly labeled on the outside for its intended purpose)

WHAT CAN YOU DO?  Be as diligent as possible about putting your recyclables into these containers, and spread the word to your colleagues and classmates!

Old Cellphones: Recycling on Campus. 

QCC students, led by student government, have been promoting the recycling of old cellphones in the Student Union Building.  For more information, visit the SULL, or contact the Student Activities Office at 718-631-6233.

Volunteer: Greening the Campus.

QCC students, in partnership with the NYC Parks Department, are sponsoring "Dig In" Day on May 1st, 2009, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, by the campus' RFK Track and Field. The goal is to plant 300 trees and shrubs indigenous to the area in an effort to return some of the land that the college was built upon back to its natural state.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Volunteer!  Student Government is looking to recruit 128 volunteers -- students, faculty, and administrators and staff -- to prepare, cover, mulch and water the plantings on "Dig In" Day. To commit your support to the event, please contact ZZamora@qcc.cuny.edu, or call the Student Activities Office at 718-631-6233.