QCC Sustainability Campus Council

The QCC Sustainability Council consists of a group of campus leaders who have volunteered to chair or co-chair one of a number of Activity Groups, with the goal of contributing to the College's developing a unique and measurable 10-year sustainability campus plan to reach CUNY's target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 30% by the year 2017.

The names of these campus leaders, and the Activity Groups they are associated with, are as follows:

QCC Sustainability Council Executive Chairperson

Vice President Diane Call (Finance and Administration)

  1. Energy Efficiency and Operations
    Co-Chairs: Mr. Joe Cartolano and Mr. James McKee (Buildings & Grounds)
  2. Curriculum
    Co-Chairs: Dean Paul Marchese (Office of Academic Affairs) and Dr. Phil Pecorino (Social Sciences)
  3. Students
    Co-Chairs: Mr. Marvin Young (VP for Evening Students, SGA) and Ms. Ziomara Zamora (Student Activities)
  4. Procurement
    Co-Chairs: Dean William Faulkner (Finance and Administration) and Mr. Gemma Martin (Purchasing)
  5. CUNY Fleet / Transportation
    Co-Chairs: Mr. Nick Simos (Finance and Administration) and Mr. George Sherman (Executive Director, Information Technology)
  6. Waste and Recycling
     Co-Chairs: Mr. Mel Rodriguez (Environmental Health and Safety) and Mr. Dexter Williams (Buildings and Grounds)
  7. Professional Development and Training
    Co-Chairs: Ms. Bonnie Cook (Campus Learning Center) and Ms. Jo Pantaleo (Basic Skills Learning Center)
  8. Communications and Change Management
    Chair: Mr. Dion Pincus (Campus Writing Center)


Additionally, the following members of the College community have indicated their specific interest in joining / contributing to the following Activity Groups:

Energy Efficiency and Operations


Waste and Recycling

Professional Development and Training

Finally, the following members of the College community have indicated their general interest in joining / contributing to the College's Sustainability efforts:

It is with extreme gratitude that the College finds itself in the fortunate position of having so many caring individuals -- cutting across faculty, administration, staff and student constituencies -- who are willing and able to volunteer their time and energies toward greening the QCC culture and environment.