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Sapienta est Potestas  


 Section 11.1. Conditions and Qualifications for Appointment and Promotion

 Section 11.2. Chancellor

 Section 11.3. Senior University Staff

Section 11.4. The President

Section 11.5. Vice President

Section 11.5.1. Assistant Vice President

Section 11.6. Dean, Associate Dean, Assistant Dean, Administrator, Associate Administrator and Assistant Administrator

Section 11.7. Instructors, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors

Section 11.8. Equivalencies

Section 11.9. Distinguished Professors

Section 11.10. Visiting Assistant Professors, Visiting Associate Professors and Visiting Professors

Section 11.11. Adjunct Lecturers, Adjunct Assistant Professors, Adjunct Associate Professors and Adjunct Professors

Section 11.12. Research Associate

Section 11.13. Instructor (Nursing Science)

Section 11.14. Assistant to Higher Education Officer

Section 11.15. Higher Education Assistant

Section 11.16. Higher Education Associate

Section 11.17. Higher Education Officer

Section 11.18. Assistant to Business Manager

Section 11.19. Assistant Business Manager

Section 11.20. Business Manager

Section 11.21. Assistant Registrar

Section 11.22. Associate Registrar

Section 11.23. Registrar

Section 11.24. Senior Registrar

Section 11.25. College Physician

Section 11.26. Chief College Physician

Section 11.27. Lecturer (Full-time)

Section 11.28. Graduate Assistant A, Graduate Assistant B

Section 11.29. College Laboratory Technician

Section 11.30. Senior College Laboratory Technician

Section 11.31. Chief College Laboratory Technician

Section 11.32. Research Assistant

Section 11.33. Clinical Assistant

Section 11.34. Staff of the Hunter College High School, Hunter College Elementary School and in the Early Childhood Centers

Section 11.35. Fellow

Section 11.36. Assistant Medical Professor (Clinical), Associate Medical Professor (Clinical) and Medical Professor (Clinical)

Section 11.37. Assistant Medical Professor (Basic Sciences), Associate Medical Professor (Basic Sciences) and Medical Professor (Basic Sciences)

 Section 11.38. Adjunct Assistant Medical Professor (Basic Sciences), Adjunct Associate Medical Professor (Basic Sciences), Adjunct Medical Professor (Basic Sciences)

Section 11.39. Adjunct Assistant Medical Professor (Clinical), Adjunct Associate Medical Professor (Clinical), Adjunct Medical Professor (Clinical)

Section 11.40. Medical Education Liaison

 Section 11.41. Medical Lecturer

Section 11.42. Adjunct Medical Lecturer

Section 11.43. Law School Instructor, Law School Assistant Professor, Law School Associate Professor, Law School Professor, Law School Library Assistant Professor, Law School Library Associate Professor

Section 11. 44 Distinguished Lecturer

Section 11. 45 Law School Adjunct Instructors, Law School Adjunct Assistant Professors, Law School Adjunct Associate Professors, Law School Adjunct Professors

Section 11. 46 Continuing Education Teacher

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