Procedures for Obtaining an Official Permit to Attend a CUNY or Non-CUNY College

To be eligible for a permit, you must be matriculated and currently in attendance, must be in good academic standing, and must have completed all the required immunizations. Students should check their DegreeWorks audit to insure that the course they want to take will fulfill degree requirements and not negatively impact their financial aid.

You will not be issued a permit if you are a non-degree student, a readmitted matriculated student who either is not currently in attendance or who does not need the courses for graduation or an incoming newly matriculated student who requests a permit for the semester, or for semesters preceding his/her effective date of admission.


Students should log into their CUNY portal account and look for the Epermit icon under Student Applications.
ePermit icon Following the E-Permit system, students may request registration at another CUNY college online. The electronic request is sent directly to Queensborough Registrar’s Office and from there to the appropriate academic department for approval.

Students will receive e-mail notification of the status of their E-Permit request. Students are responsible for following up on the status of the request. Ample time should be allowed for the process to be completed. Students will be contacted by the Host College concerning registration instructions. Further information may be obtained from the Queensborough Registrar’s Office at 718-631-6212.


Pick up the permit application at the office of the Registrar A 104. Students must obtain academic approval for the courses to be taken on permit by presenting the completed permit form to the appropriate faculty member at the department offering the discipline of the course you wish to take on permit. You should have a current catalog from the Host College to show to the faculty member. The department representative will determine if the course(s) are equivalent to the course(s) offered by the Home College.

After obtaining academic approval bring the Permit Form, along with proof of academic approval to the Registrar’s Office. The College registrar will affix the official seal or an authorization stamp to the permit. Take the approved Permit form to the non-CUNY Host College as early as possible prior to registration. It is advisable to determine, in advance of registration at the Host College, what that institution’s permit registration practices and policies are.

Additional Processing – When the course is completed, arrange for a transcript to be sent from the non-CUNY Host College directly to the Office of the Registrar. There are minimum grade requirements that must be met for courses taken on permit at a non-CUNY college.  These are C for undergraduate courses.

Tuition Payment – Tuition for courses taken at a non-CUNY college is to be paid to that institution. Please bring with you the non-CUNY Permit form.

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