Popular Student Email Quesions

Q. How can I access my e-mail account?
A. Click here to view the procedure for accessing your student email account.

Q. Can I access my e-mail from off Campus?
A. Yes

Q. Can I use my e-mail account over the summer?
A. Yes

Q. How long will my e-mail account be active?
A. Your account will be active as long as you are an active student. Your account will be disabled three weeks after the start of a spring or fall semester if you are not registered for a class.

Q. Are there limitations on the size of an email?
A. All messages you send or receive cannot exceed 2.5 Megabytes

Q. What is the mailbox storage limit?
A. Each student is allocated 80 Megabytes.

Q. What happens if I exceed 80 Megabytes?
A. You will not be able to send and receive email.

Q. How will I know I am close to my storage limit?
A. When you exceed 50 Megabytes an email will be sent to you each day you are over that limit. The e-mail will indicate how much storage you have used and what the limits are. To free up space delete INBOX then empty your Deleted Items folder.

For assistance or general E-mail questions send an E-mail to: