Access to Blackboard through the CUNY Portal

Courses in Blackboard

All courses using Blackboard at Queensborough will reside in Blackboard 9.1.You can access your courses in Blackboard through the CUNY Portal.

Once you have logged into the CUNY Portal with your username & password, you will see the Blackboard button image button under Applications/Resources.

What if I need to create a username & password?

Only the student, faculty, or staff member can create their own username & password for the CUNY Portal. Instructions are available on this web site to help you create your account. Follow the link below

What if I can't remember my Username? Or Password? Or I'm just not sure?

Here are just some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Blackboard Support gets on a daily basis. For more FAQs, visit the Blackboard FAQ page.

  • What if I can't remember my username?
  • You can follow the instructions on the Portal Username page to find your username for the CUNY Portal & Blackboard.

  • What if I can't remember my password?
  • Because Blackboard gets its password from the CUNY Portal which is a SECURE system, you will have to reset or request a NEW password from the CUNY Portal. Queensborough DOES NOT have access to your password.

    Follow the instructions EXACTLY as written on the Portal Password page to reset or request a NEW password.

Got Questions / Concerns?

Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page


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