Clinical Nursing Application Checklist

Are you ready to apply to Nursing?

Clinical Nursing Application Checklist

_____ Matriculated Student at QCC
_____ Tiger Online Degree Audit Form
_____ Transfer Transcripts
_____ Completed or Exempt from Speech Requirements
_____ Completed or Exempt from Math Requirements
_____ Completed Bio-301 Anatomy and Physiology I
_____ Completed EN-101  English Composition I
_____ Completed MATH-119 (for new incoming QCC students in the Fall 2013 semester)
_____ Completed PSYC-101  Psychology I
_____ GPA 3.0 or greater from first grade earned in BI-301, SOC-101, PSYC-101, EN-101 (MATH-119 will be replacing SOC-101)†
_____ Updated Documentation of Legal Status in the United States on file with QCC Registrar's office
_____ NLN Pre Admission RN PAX Exam results. MUST BE TAKEN @ QCC (MUST BRING RESULTS)

Students are permitted to increase their Application GPA by substituting a grade achieved in a higher level course. This substitution is allowed for one Pre Clinical Course as follows:

Download the printable version (PDF) here

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