Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Administration and Staff

Name Phone Office Email
Dr. Joseph Bertorelli, Chair and Professor (718) 631-6361 S-245
Dr. Tian Ren, Deputy Chair and Associate Professor (718) 631-6654 S-245
Ms. Carol Schilling, Administrative Assistant (718) 631-6361 S-245
Mr. Edward Molina, Director of Math Computing Facilities (718) 631-6361 S-326
Ms. Elizabeth Nercessian, Director of the Mathematics Learning Center (718) 281-5364 S-216
Mr. Namsik Baek, Assistant Director of the Mathematics Learning Center (718) 281-5625 S-216
Mr. Reuvain Zahavy, Evening Supervisor and Lecturer (718) 281-5469 S-250
Ms. Debra Maslanko, Adjunct Coordinator and Lecturer (718) 281-5326 S-235

Full-time Faculty

Name Phone Office Email
Dr. Haya Adner, Professor (718) 281-5265 S-241
Dr. Zeynep Akcay, Assistant Professor (718) 281-5434 S-235
Mr. Changiz Alizadeh, Lecturer (718) 281-5419 S-250
Mr. Bahar Baheri, Lecturer (718) 631-6237 S-227
Dr. Joseph Bertorelli, Professor and Chair (718) 281-5476 S-245
Dr. Dona V. Boccio, Professor (718) 631-6012 S-231
Dr. Andrew Bulawa, Assistant Professor (718) 281-5613 S-324
Ms. Beata Ewa Carvajal, Lecturer (718) 631-6644 S-227
Mr. Steven Cheng, Lecturer (718) 631-6321 S-320A
Mr. Kwai Chiu, Lecturer (718) 281-5086 S-324
Ms. Danielle Cifone, Lecturer (718) 631-6632 S-320A
Dr. Jonathan Cornick, Associate Professor (718) 281-5439 S-250
Ms. Ewa Dabkowska, Lecturer (718) 281-5132 S-324
Dr. Robert W. Donley, Jr., Assistant Professor (718) 281-5581 S-332
Dr. Mona Fabricant, Professor (718) 281-5636 S-324
Dr. Mercedes Franco, Associate Professor (718) 281-5456 S-235
Dr. Jonathan Funk, Assistant Professor (718) 281-5579 S-231
Dr. Daniel Garbin, Assistant Professor (718) 281-5360 S-349
Dr. John Gordon, Lecturer (718) 281-5239 S-231
Dr. Yusuf Z. Gurtas, Associate Professor (718) 631-6219 S-349
Dr. G. Michael Guy, Associate Professor (718) 281-5382 S-250
Dr. Robert J. Holt, Professor (718) 281-5458 S-349
Dr. Francis Jordan, Associate Professor (718) 281-5291 S-231
Ms. Nataliya Khomyak, Lecturer (718) 281-5247 S-324
Dr. Kwang Hyun Kim, Assistant Professor (718) 631-6268 S-320A
Dr. Carolyn King, Assistant Professor (718) 281-5631 S-227
Dr. Whanki Lee, Assistant Professor (718) 281-5329 S-323
Ms. Lixu Li, Lecturer (718) 281-5747 S-320A
Dr. Wenjian Liu, Assistant Professor (718) 281-5665 S-231
Mr. Lucian Makalanda, Lecturer (718) 631-6013 S-349
Ms. Debra Maslanko, Lecturer (718) 281-5326 S-235
Dr. Azita Mayeli, Assistant Professor (718) 281-5492 S-349
Mr. Richard Micieli, Lecturer (718) 281-5405 S-324
Dr. Nam Jong Moh, Associate Professor (718) 631-6638 S-227
Mr. Edward Molina, Adjunct Lecturer (718) 281-5603 S-326
Ms. Sandra Peskin, Lecturer (718) 281-5213 S-324
Dr. Davide N. Pham, Assistant Professor (718) 281-6642 S-227
Dr. Karan M. Puri, Associate Professor (718) 631-6252 S-231
Dr. Manachanallur S. Ravi, Assistant Professor (718) 281-5583 S-332
Dr. Tian Ren, Associate Professor and Deputy Chair (718) 631-6654 S-349
Dr. Roza Rusinek, Professor (718) 281-5224 S-241
Mr. Andrew S.H. Russell, Lecturer (718) 281-5170 S-227
Mr. Kenneth Schmidt, Lecturer (718) 281-5545 S-320A
Mr. Vincent Scotti, Full Time Substitute Lecturer (718) 281-5325 S-235
Ms. Venessa Singhroy, Lecturer (718) 281-5561 S-227
Dr. Bianca Sosnovski, Assistant Professor (718) 281-5539 S-324
Mr. Eric Sponza, Lecturer (718) 631-6685 S-324
Dr. Howard Sporn, Assistant Professor (718) 281-5440 S-231
Dr. Kostas Stroumbakis, Assistant Professor (718) 281-5153 S-241
Dr. Sylvia Svitak, Professor (718) 281-5476 S-241
Ms. Evelyn Tam, Lecturer (718) 631-6684 S-227
Dr. Clara Wajngurt, Professor (718) 281-5443 S-227
Dr. Patrick Wallach, Associate Professor (718) 281-5163 S-250
Dr. Biao Wang, Assistant Professor (718) 281-5582 S-332
Mr. Xiyong Yan, Full Time Substitute Lecturer (718) 281-5325 S-235
Dr. Haishen Yao, Professor (718) 281-5204 S-227
Dr. Fei Ye, Assistant Professor (718) 631-6674 S-241
Mr. Reuvain Zahavy, Lecturer and Evening Supervisor (718) 281-5469 S-250

Adjunct Faculty

Name Email
Ms. Susan Abramowitz
Ms. Samantha Aiello
Ms. Gayathrie T. Amarasuriya
Mr. Anthony Angerame
Mr. Richard Auman
Mr. Namsik Baek
Mr. Mel Bernstein
Mr. Lawrence Blake
Ms. Reanna Boodram
Ms. Wjeewani Boteju
Ms. Saida Boudlal
Ms. Holly BroderSigman
Prof. Michael K. Brozinsky
Mr. Eddie Cantos
Ms. Minette Carl
Mr. Mark Carpenay
Ms. Diana Chan
Dr. Philip Cobb
Mr. Neil Connolly
Ms. Shima Debnath
Mr. Robert DeGeorge
Mr. James DeLuca
Ms. Tarlika Desai
Mr. Michael Elias
Mr. Scott Feldman
Mr. Stephen Fischbach
Ms. Jo-Ann Floyd
Dr. Desmond Flynn
Mr. Ciprian Ghita
Ms. Joan Carol Goldberg
Mr. Robert Goldsman
Ms. Barbara Gray
Dr. Shamsul Haque
Ms. Amy Israel
Mr. Christopher Jaouen
Mr. Mohammad Javadi
Mr. Khalil Jomadder
Ms. Punithavathy A. Joseph
Mr. Howard Kaminsky
Mr. Allan Kinches
Mr. Peter Koldras
Mr. Harold Kornblum
Ms. Linda Landau
Ms. Ki Hwa Lee
Mr. Joel Marcus
Mr. Roni Mataquel
Ms. Nataliya Matsay
Mr. Eddy Mesidor
Mr. Nicholas Mougis
Mr. Jose Olivo
Mr. Erdem Ozkan
Mr. Prince Panicker
Ms. Kendra Pierre
Ms. Debora Alicia Poemmerl
Mr. Mahmood Pournazari
Ms. Elaine M. Rich
Ms. Susan Rohan
Mr. Malaury Samedy
Mr. Haemaal C. Senarath Bookoladeniya
Ms. Labanya Sikder
Mr. Arulappah Sivagnanam
Mr. Bernardo Suarez Arbelaez
Mr. William Charles Thompson
Ms. Afsaneh TousiHakimian
Mr. Christopher Tromp
Dr. Joseph Vallone
Ms. Rochelle Weiner
Mr. Robert Weiss
Ms. Gilda Wolf
Ms. Xiaoyan Yang
Mr. Man Lung Yeung
Mr. Kyung K. Yun
Mr. Lok Hang Yung

Cultural Centers

image description
Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center and Archives

Using the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.

image description
QPAC: Performing Arts Center

QPAC is an invaluable entertainment company in this region with a growing national reputation. The arts at QPAC continues to play a vital role in transforming lives and building stronger communities.

image description
QCC Art Gallery

The QCC Art Gallery of the City University of New York is a vital educational and cultural resource for Queensborough Community College, the Borough of Queens and the surrounding communities.