Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Administration and Staff

Name Phone Office Email
Dr. Joseph Bertorelli, Chair and Professor (718) 631-6361 W Building
Dr. Tian Ren, Deputy Chair and Associate Professor (718) 631-6654 W Building
Ms. Carol Schilling, Administrative Assistant (718) 631-6361 S-245
Mr. Edward Molina, Director of Math Computing Facilities (718) 631-6361 S-326
Ms. Elizabeth Nercessian, Director of the Mathematics Learning Center (718) 281-5364 S-216
Mr. Namsik Baek, Assistant Director of the Mathematics Learning Center (718) 281-5625 S-216
Mr. Reuvain Zahavy, Evening Supervisor and Lecturer (718) 281-5469 S-250
Ms. Debra Maslanko, Adjunct Coordinator and Lecturer (718) 281-5326 S-235

Full-time Faculty

Dr. Haya Adner, Professor(718)
Ms. Samantha Aiello, Substitute Lecturer(718)
Mr. Changiz Alizadeh, Lecturer(718)
Mr. Bahar Baheri, Lecturer(718)
Dr. Joseph Bertorelli, Professor and Chair(718)
Dr. Dona V. Boccio, Professor(718)
Ms. Saida Boudlal, Substitute Lecturer(718)
Dr. Andrew Bulawa, Assistant Professor(718)
Ms. Beata Ewa Carvajal, Lecturer(718)
Mr. Steven Cheng, Lecturer(718)
Mr. Kwai Chiu, Lecturer(718)
Ms. Danielle Cifone, Lecturer(718)
Dr. Jonathan Cornick, Assistant Professor(718)
Mr. Dennis Cuadros, Substitute Lecturer(718)
Ms. Ewa Dabkowska, Lecturer(718)
Dr. Mona Fabricant, Professor(718)
Dr. Mercedes Franco, Associate Professor(718)
Dr. Daniel Garbin, Assistant Professor(718)
Dr. John Gordon, Assistant Professor(718)
Dr. Yusuf Z. Gurtas, Assistant Professor(718)
Dr. G. Michael Guy, Assistant Professor(718)
Dr. Robert J. Holt, Professor(718)
Dr. Francis Jordan, Assistant Professor(718)
Ms. Sarina Kerper, Adjunct Lecturer(718)
Ms. Nataliya Khomyak, Lecturer(718)
Dr. Kwang Hyun Kim, Assistant Professor(718)
Dr. Carolyn King, Assistant Professor(718)
Ms. Ki Hwa Lee, Substitute Lecturer(718)
Dr. Whanki Lee, Assistant Professor(718)
Ms. Lixu Li, Lecturer(718)
Mr. Lucian Makalanda, Instructor(718)
Ms. Debra Maslanko, Lecturer(718)
Dr. Azita Mayeli, Assistant Professor(718)
Mr. Richard Micieli, Lecturer(718)
Dr. Nam Jong Moh, Associate Professor(718)
Ms. Bibi Rabia Mohamed, Substitute Lecturer(718)
Mr. Edward Molina, Adjunct Lecturer(718)
Dr. Shailaja Nagarkatte, Professor(718)
Mr. Jose Olivo, Substitute Lecturer(718)
Mr. Prince Panicker, Substitute Lecturer(718)
Ms. Sandra Peskin, Lecturer(718)
Dr. Karan M. Puri, Assistant Professor(718)
Dr. Tian Ren, Associate Professor and Deputy Chair(718)
Dr. Roza Rusinek, Professor(718)
Mr. Andrew S.H. Russell, Lecturer(718)
Mr. Kenneth Schmidt, Lecturer(718)
Ms. Labanya Sikder, Substitute Lecturer(718)
Ms. Venessa Singhroy, Lecturer(718)
Ms. Bianca Sosnovski, Instructor(718)
Dr. Howard Sporn, Assistant Professor(718)
Dr. Kostas Stroumbakis, Assistant Professor(718)
Dr. Sylvia Svitak, Professor(718)
Ms. Evelyn Tam, Lecturer(718)
Dr. Clara Wajngurt, Professor(718)
Dr. Patrick Wallach, Associate Professor(718)
Mr. Xiyong Yan, Substitute Lecturer(718)
Dr. Haishen Yao, Associate Professor(718)
Mr. Man Lung Yeung, Substitute Lecturer(718)
Mr. Kyung K. Yun, Substitute Lecturer(718)
Mr. Reuvain Zahavy, Lecturer and Evening Supervisor(718) 281-5469S-250

Adjunct Faculty