International Student's Income Tax Requirements


International Student's Income Tax Requirements

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the U.S. Government Tax Authority Agency, has issued strict regulations regarding the taxation and reporting of payments made to non-U.S. citizens (including F-1 visa students).  As a result, The City University of New York (CUNY) may be required to withhold U.S. income tax and file reports with the IRS in connection with payments made by CUNY to F-1 visa students, who received payment for services, such as wages/salary as an employee, stipends, or scholarship/fellowship grant. In addition, CUNY is required to report such payments to IRS.

How to file your U.S. Federal Income Taxes

First, make sure that you have the following documents and information before you log into the following free service, GLACIER:

If you have a GLACIER Tax Prep account:

If you do not have a GLACIER Tax Prep account:

If you received wages/salary as an employee, file your taxes on/before April 15, 2012.
If you did not receive wages/salary as an employee, file your taxes on/before June 16, 2012.

U.S. Federal Income Tax forms
The following are the forms that have to be filed for the year 2011. You can download these forms and instructions from the IRS website.

How to file your New York State and New York City Income Taxes

In New York State, international students must file State and City of New York taxes if they have worked during the year 2011. 

CINTAX does not complete New York State or New York City tax forms.

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